Areas of concentration:
- Strings (includes harp)
- Piano (includes organ and harpsichord)
- Brass
- Percussion
- Woodwinds
- Classical Guitar
Jazz Studies
Performance: Voice and Opera Studies

Career Possibilities

The following is a list of some career possibilities that students in this major might find rewarding. Remember, that your major does not necessarily determine your career. Graduates use their academic majors in a variety of professional fields. The options below can be used as a starting point to explore potential career paths, however, you may also want to investigate more using recommended resources to gain a more comprehensive list of careers. Keep in mind that additional education, training, and experiential education beyond your major may be needed to pursue these possibilities.


  • Musical expression
  • Ability to analyze musical works
  • Ability to concentrate intensely
  • Ability to listen introspectively
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to perform solo/group recitals
  • Ability to identify cords by sight and ear
  • Ability to read musical traditions worldwide
  • Ability to be flexible/adaptable
  • Ability to accept criticism
  • Ability to attract the attention of others
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving skills


  • Arranger
  • Arts Administrator/Manager
  • Artist & Repertoire Person
  • Booking Agent/Manager
  • Choir Director
  • Choral Director
  • Disc Jockey
  • Composer
  • Concert Promoter  
  • Conductor
  • Instrument Design/Restoration
  • Instrumentalist 
  • Music Attorney
  • Music Publisher
  • Music Shop Manager  
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Therapist
  • Musician
  • Opera Singer
  • Recording Studio Manager
  • Religious Service Musician
  • Section Member/Leader
  • Session Musician
  • Singer/Performer
  • Studio Musician
  • Talent Agent
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Writer/Music Journalist
  • Voice Teacher
  • Voice Over Artist


  • Entertainment venues
  • Performing arts organizations
  • Production companies
  • Record companies
  • Recording Studios
  • Television/radio/film
  • Media/Entertainment companies
  • Colleges/universities/schools
  • Entertainment law firms
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Music publishers
  • Music stores (retail)  
  • Theaters
  • Computer Hardware/Software Companies

CAREER INFORMATION AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION LINKS -American Federation of Musicians of the U.S. and Canada - League of American Orchestras - Broadcast Music Inc. – Solo Performers - American Music Conference - American Guild of Musical Artists  - Helping musicians and music entrepreneurs create sustainable careers - American Music Therapy Association - Subscriber-based and free information industry news and resources - Listings of auditions & competitions, news and more - Music Competitions by Bakitone International - The Film Music Society - Self Employment in the Arts – A guide to arts in Westchester - events, grants, links to local artists, internships, etc. - Occupational Outlook Handbook Online - Job descriptions, growth forecasts & salary


Career Development Center - Select Purchase JobScore to access jobs posted for Purchase students and alumni - internships and job searches; interviews and career advice from working musicians - Music jobs – Music business solutions –Internships and jobs - Job search - Performing arts career resources/job search. Subscriber-based and free services - Advertise yourself as a music teacher.  Subscriber-based and free services - Orchestral job vacancies world wide - Jobs in music/performing arts

Additional Resources Available at the CDC