Welcome from the Director

Dear Faculty Member,

Welcome to the Career Development Center (CDC)!

Our mission is to help students define and create their unique visions by connecting their passions to a meaningful profession. On behalf of the Career Development Center team, I extend our deep appreciation for all for your support throughout the year.

We hope that you find the career programming and special events offered of value and will consider becoming an advocate of the CDC. Many faculty members also assist students with career support and encourage them to engage with us as they begin their personal career journey. As partners, we are happy to work with your department to create more discipline specific, tailored initiatives and classroom presentations, whenever possible.

Our expertise is in the provision of high quality career counseling/coaching, career educational programming, and identifying and developing job/internship opportunities designed to assist undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni across academic disciplines. We realize the critical importance of the classroom experience to a student’s development; career educational programming can also contribute to complement their education, offering career readiness support and self-assessment opportunities while further developing student experiential learning opportunities.

Please explore our website, programs, career resource tools and our course offering for undecided students. We welcome your feedback and partnership as strive to continue offering exceptional, progressive career related services for students. Feel free to reach out to me with any comments or suggestions at (914) 251-6370 or wendy.morosoff@purchase.edu.

The Career Development team and I look forward to working with you more closely in the future.

All the best,

Wendy F. Morosoff,
Director of Career Development

Whether exploring college majors and career interests, gaining applied learning experiences through internships, locating on/off campus jobs or other employment, and preparing for graduate school admission, the CDC offers support throughout their Purchase College experience and beyond.

Career Counseling, Assessment, and Guidance

Career counseling/career coaching can help to facilitate a students career self-assessment and discovery as the identify career interests, skills, abilities, and goals through one-on-one discussion. Career counseling sessions may include both guidance and referral to further explore, identify and pursue potentially rewarding experiential opportunities. Services are often in collaboration with academic advisement; students are empowered to connect careers interests with their academic interests through exploration and applied learning activities.

Career Programs & Resources: Career Discovery, and Pre-Professional Self-Marketing Skills

Career programs and events provide Purchase students and alumni with additional and opportunities to connect; further enriching and complementing their career interests and goals. Through a wide range of offerings, multiple channels help students to learn about career options. Faculty are strongly encouraged to join us in bringing these programs and resources to their students!

Career Discovery Tools & Resources
Major and Career Resources
Experiential Education
Self Marketing Strategies and Job Search Preparation

The Career Development Center offers support for employment self-marketing preparation, strategic employment planning and job search support that can help to ensure that students have important career readiness skills and resources available. Through individualized guidance on resume and cover letters, developing one’s professional online presence, mock interview practice, internship and job opportunities via Purchase JobScore, the CDC helps to empower Purchase students and alumni to develop the tools necessary for success.

Alumni Services

Nearly all of the above services are available to recent graduates as well as Purchase alumni. Alumni are encouraged to make use of these resources as they begin their careers and during times of career and job change and transition.

Career-related programming and events are scheduled throughout the academic year, including workshops, on-campus employer visits, and open houses. You can help us keep your students up-to-date on the great presentations and programs available by sharing announcements and opportunities!

Don’t cancel class! If you are considering canceling a class, (with a little notice) reach out to us—we will conduct a specially tailored presentation for your class instead. We can provide workshops on a variety of career development topics including:

  • Orientation to Services
  • Career Connections: Introduction to Career Planning
  • Making Major & Career Decisions
  • Resume Writing and Customizing for industries
  • The Art of Interviewing
  • Job-Search Strategies
  • Building your Network: Using LinkedIn & Face-to-Face
  • Customized Sessions for Specific Majors and Departments
  • Next Steps: Pursuing Your Graduate School Education

Presentations can take place in your classroom. However, when possible, we recommend that classes visit the CDC to learn who and where, when they need help. We can also introduce our important and highly valued career tools and resources, they might not see otherwise. ( On-line Career Assessment using FOCUS, Candid Career Videos, Interview Stream for Mock Interview practice, and more.

To request a presentation, call (914) 251-6370 or visit Purchase JobScore to schedule an an appointment. For custom tailored presentations, please allow us at least 2 weeks advance notice or, whenever possible, several days notice for a general presentation.

Share Your Ideas For Collaboration

To successfully prepare our students for the world of work, we believe that active support and collaboration between faculty and staff is key. We regularly seek to support Purchase faculty in providing career information to learn what we are hearing from employers; the current competencies they seek from new graduates both inside and outside of the arts.

We appreciate your support and look forward to future collaboration!

The Career Development Center administers all credit-bearing internships for Purchase College students. For detailed information on student internship eligibility, registration procedures and guidelines, please visit our Internship Guidelines page or contact career.development@purchase.edu for further information.

The Academic Internship Learning Contract is completed/approved on-line through Purchase JobScore. Faculty Sponsors will receive the email “Academic Internship Learning Contract Approval Required” to access the online Learning Contract (without having to log into Purchase JobScore.)*

The Faculty Sponsor will review the learning outcomes and internship description or other information provided by the student and Internship Site Supervisor in order to select/describe the academic project type as appropriate. Faculty Sponsors are strongly encouraged to ask their student interns to complete a student “self-reflection evaluation” as their internship term comes to a close.

*We stress to students that it is important to secure a Faculty Sponsor before submitting an Internship Learning Contract.

Faculty Sponsors are provided with account information and directions to log into Purchase JobScore at the end of the semester to view site evaluations of the students they are sponsoring.

Faculty can access Purchase JobScore to review/approve Internship Learning Contracts, review the Site Supervisor’s Intern Evaluations of their students and to view/recommend internship and other relevant opportunities as they are advising students. The Career Development team appreciates and counts on Faculty and Staff support to refer students to the Career Development Center for more in-depth career counseling/coaching, self- marketing strategies, job & internship search strategies, and professional networking/contact lead development.

To Register/Log-in:
Please go to the Faculty Purchase JobScore registration/sign in page to sign up for an account or to log in.

If you have been a Faculty Sponsor for an internship you should already have an existing account. Please select “Forgot Password” to see if you have an existing account/set a new password.

For full details please view our Faculty User Video Tour of Purchase JobScore.

Please see the note below regarding the system used for Purchase JobScore.

As they begin to explore career options and look for guidance, students often seek out help from their professors first. Whether they are undecided about majors and careers, unsure about how to market themselves and locate employment, or are seeking information about how to pursue graduate programs, Purchase College faculty and the CDC Career team will work together to help our students. Through studies in the Arts, or Liberal Arts and Sciences, Purchase College students will cultivate and develop their talents and learn many of their most marketable career skills, often through applied learning experiences and other high impact practices inside and outside of the classroom.

We welcome faculty to refer students to our experienced career counselors at any point that a career-related question arises and where they may assess that additional support services might be useful. Frequently asked questions include changes of major and career choices, internship, part-time job or full-time job search, and current techniques for successful networking, marketing themselves as artists or creatives, and interviewing.

If you find a student is in need of career help, feel free to call us directly. We can arrange for them to meet with one of our career counselors. For referrals to specific staff members, contact ext. 6370 and you will be connected directly.

Purchase Career Development Center recommends students utilize Interfolio for their credentials management. Interfolio is well established as the nationally recognized online credentials management service for candidates applying for graduate and pre-professional study or academic positions.

Through its partnership with Interfolio, the Career Development Center provides the Purchase College community with a state-of-the-art online credentials service that securely streamlines, simplifies, and speeds up the credentials and portfolio process for everyone. Those with credential files have either elected to transition to this service and have their files transferred or they have registered for Interfolio.com and may now request that faculty write and post their letters of recommendation via Interfolio.com.

For additional information on writing letters of recommendation, please refer to the following articles from the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE):

The Career Development Center serves as the information “hub” for employment and internship opportunities. Faculty can support the educational advancement and or/future employment of students by referring eligible employers and internship sponsors to the Career Development Center, or by posting their own job opportunities to

Purchase JobScore.

How to Post Your Own Job / Internship Position

Purchase JobScore is the free, on-line job posting site for Purchase College, Symplicity.

To post a job or internship position, simply visit the Employers Purchase JobScore page.

How to Refer an Employer

If you know of industry professionals who may be interested in sponsoring an internship opportunity or who wishes to advertise a job opportunty for Purchase Students, you may refer them to Jessica Mazzia, Associate Director jessica.mazzia@purchase.edu. For additional support, please reach out to Wendy Morosoff, Director of the Career Development Center.

Please note that Purchase JobScore is a third party system—Symplicity—and is not a Purchase College, SUNY system.

Messages from the system will be from suny-purchase@csm.symplicity.com and not from an @purchase.edu email address.

Faculty who are acting as a Faculty Sponsor for a student’s academic internship will receive emails from the system to approve the Learning Contract for the student(s) they are sponsoring.

Faculty members who post opportunities through an employer account on Purchase JobScore or act as as an Internship Site Supervisor for a students internship will receive emails from the system concerning postings and/or communication related to the academic internship program.