An interview is really a conversation; a mutual exchange of information. Your role during the interview is to promote yourself, and sell your skills to the employer for a specific position. The interviewer will be trying to learn more about you and determine if you will be a good fit for the job.

Remember you want to use the interview to:

  • Discover information you may not have found during your research
  • Provide information that will highlight your accomplishments, and expand upon your resume and cover letter
  • Learn more about the job, position, and organization
  • Make the interviewer see you as an asset to the organization, and reaffirm the decision to meet you.

Practice Interviews

If you feel you need more preparation to interview comfortably, you can set up a meeting with a career counselor for a mock-interview, where you can practice answering difficult questions, describing your strengths and qualifications, as well as good etiquette. Call the Career Center at (914) 251-6370 or email us at to schedule a meeting.   

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