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Networking generally refers to the process of developing and maintaining professional contacts. That sometimes overused term “it’s who you know” still rings true with the great value in building and maintaining a network of contacts. The more individuals you connect with during your job or internship search, the broader your network, and the more likely you’ll find the opportunity you truly want. Networking is all about building relationships by talking with and listening to people.

The Key to Networking is Follow-up!

Networking can:

  • Help you focus on your choice of major or career- by speaking to those in your field of interest. Networking
  • Confirm your choice of career - learn about the pros and cons from those in the field.
  • Offer you advice about your job search.
  • Practice your interviewing techniques - you will have an informal opportunity to explain your career goals by speaking with a variety of contacts.
  • Allow you to expand and locate opportunities in your field.
  • Learn more about a specific organization or employer.

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