The Grad School Expo is a great opportunity to learn about graduate and professional schools. Graduate school admissions representatives will share information about their programs, admissions criteria etc. A variety of academic fields are represented.

We thank Simmons University, School of Social Work, our Premier Sponsor of the Grad School Expo.

Students and Representatives:  Register Here

We invite Graduate Schools and Programs to participate in our annual Graduate School Expo! This virtual event will provide representatives with the opportunity to meet students and alumni in individual and group video chats.

Register Here
You do not need to log in to Purchase JobScore to register for the fair
Select “I want to attend: As An Employer (Fair) OR Grad School (Expo)” and then “Proceed to Registration”

Navigating the Virtual Fair
(Please note that the language focuses on employers, but this is for graduate school reps as well)


Early Bird (ends October 1st):  $40
Standard:  $60

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Live Link Logo - $100
Displayed on Purchase JobScore Main Page through May 2022

Premier Sponsor - $200
This includes: Live Link Logo on Purchase JobScore, Premier Sponsor mention in all email marketing to students, Premier Sponsor/Featured Program spotlight on social media, additional email to Expo student registrants after the Expo

Application Fee Waiver for Attendees
Reach out to Purchase students by offering an application fee waiver for student attendees at the Grad Expo. Participating schools offering a fee waiver will receive special recognition in pre-event marketing and students will be provided a list of schools that are offering fee waivers before the Expo, as well as will be able to identify schools offering the waiver during the Expo.

Students and Alumni: RSVP today and view who is attending the Expo!

  • Select I want to attend “As an Opportunity Seeker” and log into Purchase JobScore to view details (programs, degrees, etc.) for each participant.
  • RSVP (which is required to attend) by selecting “Attend” on the top right of the Expo page.
  • Once you select “Attend” you can opt to share your resume with the Expo reps or you can select “X” next to the resume to RSVP with no resume.

Demo Video of Representative and Student Interactions
 Quick Video Tour of Virtual Fairs for Students
Virtual Fair Directions for Students


The Expo will be run through Purchase JobScore where you will join the queues of schools you want to speak with. When it’s your turn to video chat with a rep, you will see an alert pop up on the screen and hear a “ding” sound. Once you select the alert you will see instructions on how to video chat with that rep. (If using Safari, you will need to Allow Auto Play via Preferences/Websites/Allow Auto Play to hear the sound).

If you need assistance during the Expo drop into our Grad School Expo Student Information Zoom. You can also email us at

Tips for the Virtual Expo

  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please use another browser
  • When joining an representative’s chat, instead of downloading Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc., select the option to join the meeting online and it will be faster to join
  • As long as you are in a queue, remain in the Virtual Expo so you do not miss any chat requests. Please do not navigate to other areas.
  • Make sure you click the “Attend” button so that you can join chats
  • After each video chat you complete, scroll down to view the Notes field. Enter Notes after each chat, before you join the next, so that you do not forget key information.
  • Once you select “Attend” you can opt to share your resume with the Expo reps or you can select “X” next to the resume to RSVP with no resume

No matter where you are in your college career, there are benefits to attending the Grad School Expo:

First Year Students and Sophomores

  • Explore the possibility of graduate or professional education for the future.
  • Casually browse information to become more aware of educational options.
  • Learn about the requirements and prerequisites for desired programs to plan the most appropriate coursework and experiential activities to prepare for an advanced degree.

Juniors and Seniors

  • Gather detailed information about various schools and programs.
  • Meet directly with admissions to obtain answers to specific questions, beyond internet research.
  • Learn what admission representatives are seeking and gain tips on how to stand out during the application process.