Career Possibilities

The following is a list of some career possibilities that students in this major might find rewarding. Remember, that your major does not necessarily determine your career. Graduates use their academic majors in a variety of professional fields. The options below can be used as a starting point to explore potential career paths, however, you may also want to investigate more using recommended resources to gain a more comprehensive list of careers. Keep in mind that additional education, training, and experiential education beyond your major may be needed to pursue these possibilities.


  • Ability to communicate emotions and ideas creatively
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Appreciation of Aesthetics
  • Organizational Skills 
  • Interpretive Skills  
  • Ability to work in groups/independently
  • Proficiency for accuracy and detail
  • Ability to accept/give criticism
  • Ability to operate various tools and equipment
  • Ability to make keen observations and appropriate decisions


  • Art Exhibit Coordinator
  • Art Preservationist
  • Ceramic Artist
  • Curator
  • Custom Woodworker
  • Display Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Exhibition Preparer
  • Foundry Worker / Welder
  • Furniture Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Metal Artist
  • Model Maker
  • Motion Picture Sculptor/Modeler
  • Museum Curator
  • Product Designer
  • Sculptor
  • Set Designer
  • Teacher/Instructor
  • Toy Designer


  • Industrial and product design companies
  • Galleries
  • Museums/cultural institutions
  • Television/radio/film
  • Theaters/performing arts venues
  • Event planning firms/venues
  • Retail/stores
  • Hospitality
  • Colleges/universities/schools  

 - Includes resources related to sculptors and sculpture - International Sculpture Center - National Sculpture Society - Sculptors Guild -  American Foundry Society - Comprehensive lists of toy manufacturers, toy designers, inventors, etc. - Sculpture Center - Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) - International Society of Furniture Designers - Submit your own designs for clients to review - NY Foundation For the Arts - National Endowment for the Arts College Art Association - Arts & Business Council of New York - Visual Art Career guide National Gallery of Art        – World Wide Art Resources Self Employment in the Arts - Artist Help Network. Includes resources on career, exhibitions/commissions, money, presentation tools, legal, etc. – A guide to arts in Westchester - events, grants, links to local artists, internships, etc. - Occupational Outlook Handbook Online - Job type descriptions, job growth forecasts, and salary information


Career Development Center - Visit Purchase JobScore to access jobs posted for Purchase students and alumni - Design jobs (3D Modeling, Exhibit, Industrial, Product Dev., etc) - Americans for the Arts (incudes a job bank) - Site for the professional creative marketplace -Non-profit and arts internships and jobs - Job and other opportunities - source for income & exhibition opportunities  Search for jobs; find links to other important sources - Americans for the Arts Job Bank Jobs in the Visual Arts - Arts employment

Additional Resources Available at the CDC