If an instructor disagrees with academic adjustments or accommodations approved by ODR and/or has questions or concerns about the manner in which accommodations will be provided, they must immediately, i.e., within two (2) business days of receiving the accommodation notification, communicate the nature of the disagreement, questions and/or concerns to the Director of ODR. The instructor must provide a detailed written explanation of their objections, questions and/or concerns. The instructor should not raise their objections, questions, or concerns with the student. While the instructor’s dispute is being addressed the student will receive the accommodations approved by ODR unless the Director of ODR agrees a particular accommodation would be a fundamental alteration of a program or class objective.

Upon receipt of the instructor’s submission, the Director of ODR will arrange, within five (5) business days, a meeting with the necessary parties (ODR staff, the instructor(s), Chair, and/or other administrators).

If as a result of the meeting, it is determined that there may be a need to modify the accommodations approved for the student, the Director of ODR will schedule a meet with the student immediately, i.e., within two (2) business days. The student will be given an explanation of the basis for the suggested modification, as well as, a listing of the proposed alternative accommodations, including an assessment of relative effectiveness, that are being considered. The student will be given an opportunity to state their position and provide any relevant information and/or documentation. Sufficient time will be provided for the student to review, question, or counter all information provided by the instructor and others supporting the position that modification is necessary. The interactive process with the student should be completed within ten (10) business days.

Following the interactive process with the student, the Director of ODR will within three (3) business days decide to either affirm the original accommodation determination or to modify it. If a decision is reached to modify the approved accommodations, the Director of ODR must provide the determination to the parties in writing. The determination letter provided the student must include a detailed explanation of the basis for the decision and a listing of the modified accommodation(s) that will be offered. The document should also include information regarding the student’s right to file a complaint.

If the Director of ODR is unable to resolve the dispute or disagreement with the instructor within 20 business days, they must refer the matter to the Dean of Student Affairs for further consideration and/or resolution.

*All timeframes may be extended for good cause (e.g., the parties are working on a resolution and need more time, awaiting necessary documentation, etc.). The parties must be advised of the reason for the delay and must be provided a projected completion date.