If a student disagrees with the accommodation decision reached by the Office of Disability Resources (ODR) (i.e., the requested is denied or an alternative accommodation(s) is offered) or is dissatisfied with the manner in which an approved accommodation is being provided, they may request a meeting with the Director of ODR to review the determination or provision of accommodations. Upon receipt of such a request, the Director of ODR will arrange, within five (5) business days*, a meeting with the necessary parties (the student, ODR staff, the instructor(s) and/or other administrators). The student will have the right to provide additional documentation, as well as, provide information to challenge ODR’s accommodation determination. If as a result of the meeting, the parties reach a resolution that is satisfactory to all, the terms of the agreement will be provided in writing to the student and will be included in the student’s file. If the parties are unable to agree to a resolution, within five (5) business days* of the meeting, the Director of ODR will provide to the student, in writing, the response to their reconsideration request. The response will include a detailed explanation of the reasons for the decision and the basis for the denial. If the student considers the response unsatisfactory, they may file a complaint pursuant to the College’s discrimination complaint policy, which may include external agencies

Please note, if the original determination of a student’s accommodation decision was determined in collaboration with or by the Director of the Office of Disability Resources, the reconsideration of accommodation process will be brought to the Accommodations Appeal Review Committee. The Accommodations Appeal Review Committee can be reached at SAF.student.affairs@purchase.edu

*All timeframes may be extended for good cause (e.g., the parties are working on a resolution and need more time, awaiting necessary documentation, etc.). The student must be advised of the reason for the delay and must be provided a projected completion date. The process must be completed within 20 business days, unless the student agrees, in writing, to a further extension.