The State of New York and the Research Foundation for SUNY have specific regulations that must be followed when purchasing goods and services or traveling on university business. The sites below include detailed information:

For questions about these procedures, which are summarized below, please call the Purchasing Office at (914) 251-6070.

Purchase requisitions are internal control documents that must be completed in advance of the purchase and approved by the person with signatory authority on the account, usually the academic chair, director, or dean or the department head. The requisition is forwarded to the Purchasing Office, where the goods or services are ordered. The Purchasing Office is the sole entity on this campus that can contract for goods or services from all sources, including dining services and the campus bookstore.

Before Travel

Travel requisitions are completed and signed by the traveler, then approved by both the person with signatory authority on the account and the traveler’s supervisor. Direct payment of expenses, such as a registration fee, may also be requested. Travel requisitions (along with any travel advance requests) are submitted to the Purchasing Office.

Reimbursement Upon Completion of Travel:

A Travel Voucher and Statement of Automobile Travel (if applicable) with appropriate signatures and receipts are submitted to Accounts Payable for reimbursement. The State Financial System (SFS) reimburses employee travel expenses via direct deposit to the employee’s designated bank account or credit union. SFS uses the information you provide to the Payroll Office to identify your financial institution (bank or credit union) and either an account number or member number (for credit unions).

To ensure travel and expense reimbursements are deposited into the account(s) you want, please note:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the information supplied to the Payroll Office correctly reflects both the financial institution and account(s) you want your funds deposited to. Check with your financial institution to make sure you have the correct account or member numbers. Supplying incorrect account, routing, or member numbers will delay payment and require reprocessing as a check.
  • If you have separately directed your financial institution to distribute your deposits according to a specific plan, any direct deposits (payroll or expense reimbursement) will be distributed pursuant to this plan once funds are received by your bank or credit union.
  • Accordingly, you should also review this distribution to ensure that, with the new deposit of expense checks, your wishes are correctly reflected. This may require you to change your distribution in anticipation of the expense reimbursements.
  • To change your direct deposit allocations, please use the direct deposit form, available under Payroll > Forms on the Office of Human Resources website.