Payday is every other Wednesday. College employees are paid on a two-week lag basis: a two-week delay between the time the work is performed and when the payment for that work is received. Under the lag payroll system, new employees must wait approximately four weeks to receive their first full paycheck.

 The first paycheck will cover up to the first two weeks of employment, depending upon the number of days worked within the pay period. Subsequent paychecks will be for the entire two-week pay period.

Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice Distribution 

The Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice Distribution applies to all checks and advices issued by Office of the State Controller (OSC).  This includes Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants, Student Assistants, & College Work Study. 

Paychecks/Advices are mailed by OSC directly to the employee’s address on file with Human Resources. It’s imperative that employees make sure that their home address is updated * with Human Resources. An updated address helps ensure that paychecks/advices , W-2s are being mailed to the correct address.

*Updating your home address - Employees can update their address via the Employee Datasheet located in  the Human Resources Employee Tracking System (HRETS ). The website link to HRETS is located on the Faculty and Staff  website. Once you access the Faculty and Staff  website, click on the Faculty/Staff Resources banner. The HRETS link will be displayed in the dropdown. Click on the HRETS link and enter your access data. Once you have successfully accessed HRETS, the link  to your Employee Datasheet  can be found at the bottom left of the site. Once you update your home address, HR can then update your address with SUNY. If you are having trouble completing the change on your Employee Datasheet, please contact Amanda Zallo.