Payday is every other Wednesday. College employees are paid on a two-week lag basis: a two-week delay between the time the work is performed and when the salary for that work is received. Under the lag payroll system, new employees must wait approximately four weeks to receive their first full paycheck.

 The first paycheck will cover up to the first two weeks of employment, depending upon the number of days worked within the pay period. Subsequent paychecks will be for the entire two-week pay period.

Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice Distribution & Return Policy

The Paycheck/Direct Deposit Advice Distribution & Return Policy applies to all checks and advices issued by the Purchase College Payroll Department.  This includes Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistants, Student Assistants, & College Work Study. 

Paychecks/Advices are to be picked up by the department designee on the scheduled pay date.  The department designee must present their college identification card and sign an acknowledgement /certification to confirm they are taking possession of the checks/advices and will distribute them in accordance with Purchase policy.  They must return all checks/advices that were not distributed within 14 days (1 pay period).  

Once picked up, checks/advices will be distributed to the employees through, either, the employee’s supervisor or the department designee.  The designee should confirm the identity of the employee prior to giving out the check/advice.  Upon the employee’s receipt of their paycheck/advice they must sign or initial the distribution roster.

 Checks/advices must not be left unattended and are not to be placed in unlocked mailboxes.  Checks are not to be mailed out by the department to an employee. If an employee would like his/her paycheck mailed to their home, the employee must complete and submit a Paycheck Mailing Authorization form (which can be downloaded from the SharePoint Collaboration website) and self-addressed stamped envelope/s to the Payroll Office. The Payroll Office is the only department authorized to mail an employee their paycheck/pay advice.

After checks/advices are distributed, the signed employee roster must be returned to Payroll within 14 days (1 pay period).  If there are any checks/advices that have not been picked up by the employee(s) the department must attempt to contact the employee.  Attempts can be made via email, phone, etc.  Once all attempts to contact said employee(s) have been exhausted and unsuccessful, said checks/advices must be returned to the Payroll Office within 14 days (1 pay period) of issuance of the checks/advices.

NOTE: The College must follow the Office of the State Comptroller policy regarding returned checks/advices: 

  1. Payroll checks not picked up by the employee, after 30 days of the scheduled pay date, are to be returned to State Treasury Dept.  They will then be sent to the Unclaimed Funds.
  2. Advices not picked up after 30 days of the scheduled pay date, are destroyed.