Proposals for New and Reinstated Courses

Proposals for new courses typically originate in the department. A completed course proposal form is required for all new courses and when reinstating courses not in the current Purchase College Catalog or on the program website. The course proposal form, with instructions and deadlines, is available online under Faculty and Staff (“Additional Resources”) on the registrar’s site. 

Note: Because this form changes periodically, please bookmark the registrar’s Faculty and Staff page and download the form each time you need it.

The information is required by the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs to review the reported credits and instructional contact hours for compliance with SUNY regulations and to edit as needed for college editorial style and length; by the Office of the Registrar to update the Banner information system, degree progress report (DPR), and eight-semester graduation plans; and by the Office of Institutional Research to report required data to external agencies.

Course Proposals for Study Abroad

Before submitting any course proposal for Purchase study abroad programs, faculty members should meet with the Dean of the Office for Global Education, who provides the initial review and approval.

Courses Proposed to Satisfy General Education Requirements

Forms used for general education designation  are available in the Document Library on the Educational Policies Committee’s SharePoint site and on the Registrar’s webpage under Faculty/Staff additional resources.

Courses are proposed for general education designation by a faculty member or department. The faculty member proposing the course will fill out a General Education Approval Form along with a New Course Proposal form and submit to the Educational Policies Committee two weeks in advance of the meeting. Assessment of general education outcomes is reported to the academic councils and the EPC during the first meetings of each semester after which these data have been collected and reviewed. (Policy approved 9/14/22)