The Policies of the Board of Trustees and the most recent NYS/UUP Agreement (2016–2022) stipulate that employees are required to certify their presence and record any absences on forms provided by the state. Employees are also required to record on such forms any charges to or accruals of vacation or sick leave credits.

Purchase College uses the online time-and-attendance system (TAS) created by the SUNY System Administration, available at Employees must file their attendance records in this system on a monthly basis. A downloadable user guide for full-time and part-time faculty is available on the Human Resources site under Links to Other Resources.

Once you access the site, you will need to first log in with your Purchase College user name and password and then enter your SUNY ID, which is unique to you. If this is your first time accessing the site and you don’t know your SUNY ID, please call Susan Ciliberti, (914) 251-6057, in the Payroll Office for assistance.

Please note that failure to submit attendance records may result in the cancellation of direct deposit or paychecks being held in the Payroll Office until all attendance records are completed.

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