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Do you know how to create an event on our website? Have you been asked to post a story and picture, but you don’t know how and you’re afraid it will take too much work? It’s time to learn, and we are going to do our best to help make sure you do.

Communications and Creative Services (CCS) will host a series of hands-on workshops specifically designed to dive deeper into the LiveWhale CMS. For those of you who already know the basics, we will take you beyond.

The Purchase website is the college’s most important marketing tool—drawing prospective students and influencers, as well as donors, alumni, friends, and community members. It is the real-time, dynamic face of our brand, and it’s succcess depends on content editors to keep it current, accurate, and bursting with new and compelling content.

Our site was designed to be “crowd-sourced,” which means the entire campus community can contribute and share ideas, assets, and requests with content editors who have been trained to post using LiveWhale.

We need your input.

These workshops are for you. We’re still in the planning stages, so please fill out the form and indicate what days and times work best and the topics you’d like to see covered.

Thank you.

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