Extra Service (Full-Time Faculty)

Extra service is defined as work done by full-time members of the SUNY faculty that:

  1. is performed entirely outside the employee’s normal work day/shift
  2. is substantially different from the employee’s professional work obligation
  3. must not interfere with the employee’s regular responsibilities

Additionally, SUNY policy states that compensation for extra service is not to exceed an amount equal to 20 percent of an employee’s base annual salary in an academic year beginning September 1 or in a fiscal (calendar) year beginning July 1, as appropriate. Extra-service assignments usually consist of a course “overload” or special project. The provost must approve any extra-service assignment before such an assignment begins. Summer session extra-service teaching assignments are separate from the academic year and not included in the 20 percent limit.

The full policy on extra-service compensation is available on the Human Resources site. Also refer to “Dual Employment” below for related information.

“Also Receives” Compensation

“Also receives” is defined as work performed by the employee that is:

  1. less than one year
  2. substantially different from and in addition to an employee’s professional work obligation
  3. performed during an employee’s normal work day/shift

For an assignment expected to be longer than one year in duration, please contact the Office of Human Resources to review the assignment. Additionally, “also receives” compensation may not be used for employees who are paid on an hourly, fixed rate or biweekly basis. As with extra service, “also receives” compensation is not to exceed an amount equal to 20 percent of an employee’s base annual salary in an academic year beginning September 1 or in a fiscal (calendar) year beginning July 1, as appropriate. The full policy on “also receives” compensation is available on the Human Resources site.

Dual Employment

Extra service may also be served at other SUNY institutions or state agencies. Faculty members who are offered assignments at these institutions must receive authorization from their home campus before starting the project. The Dual Employment form is available online on the Human Resources site.

Outside/Additional Employment (Full-Time Faculty)

No employee may engage in other employment which interferes with the performance of the employee’s professional obligation (Article XI, Title H, Policies of the Board of Trustees). However, faculty members are encouraged to engage in consulting work and other professional activities related to their areas of scholarly or creative specialization. Before entering into consulting relationships and other similar professional activities, a faculty member must inform his or her immediate supervisor and the approving authority (the director of human resources) in writing of the nature of such service to ensure that:

  1. the nature and extent of the employment will contribute to the professional development of the faculty member and thereby enhance the faculty member’s value to SUNY
  2. the employment will not impinge upon the faculty member’s responsibilities to students, the board of study, and the college as a whole and will not significantly affect the rights and obligations of other members of the board of study or unit
  3. the employment is not prohibited by the terms of the faculty member’s appointment

Faculty members who engage in providing outside compensated services must inform those who engage them that Purchase College is not a party to the contract and that the college is not liable or responsible in any way. Private use of Purchase College facilities, equipment, and personnel is prohibited, and no college supplies (stationery or forms) may used in connection with the performance of these outside services. The college name may not be used in any official way without prior approval.

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