2019: Lisa Jean Moore, Distinguished Professor (Sociology and Gender Studies)
2018: Joseph Skrivanek, Distinguished Service Professor (Chemistry)
2015: Gary Waller, Distinguished Professor (Literature and Cultural Studies)
2003: Nancy Foner, Distinguished Professor (Anthropology)
1995: Lee Ehrman, Distinguished Professor (Biology)
1994: John Howard, Distinguished Service Professor (Sociology)
1986: Antonio Frasconi, Distinguished Teaching Professor (Visual Arts)

About the Distinguished Faculty Ranks

The Distinguished Faculty rank programs encourage ongoing commitment to excellence, kindle intellectual vibrancy, elevate the standards of instruction, and enrich contributions to public service. They demonstrate SUNY’s pride and gratitude for the consummate professionalism, the groundbreaking scholarship, the exceptional instruction, and the breadth and significance of service contributions of its faculty. Appointment constitutes a promotion to SUNY’s highest academic rank, and it is conferred solely by the SUNY Board of Trustees. The expectation is that individuals so appointed will receive additional support, consistent with the resources of the campus. In addition, Distinguished Faculty are automatically members of the SUNY Distinguished Academy, which encourages a continuing commitment to high quality instruction, service to our campuses and the state, and strong leadership development for newer faculty.

The Distinguished Professorship is conferred upon faculty having achieved national or international prominence and a distinguished reputation within the individual’s chosen field through significant contributions to the research and scholarship, or through artistic performance or achievement in the fine and performing arts.

The Distinguished Service Professorship is conferred upon instructional faculty having achieved a distinguished reputation for service not only to the campus and the University, but also to the community, the State of New York or even the nation, by sustained effort in the application of intellectual skills drawing from the candidate’s scholarly research interests to issues of public concern. It is bestowed on faculty in any of the disciplines or fields of study.

The Distinguished Teaching Professorship is conferred upon instructional faculty for outstanding teaching competence at the graduate, undergraduate, or professional levels. Teaching mastery is to be consistently demonstrated over multiple years at the institution where the Distinguished Teaching Professorship is bestowed.

The Distinguished Librarian is conferred upon librarians whose contributions have been transformational in creating a new information environment by providing access to information, sharing or networking information resources, and fostering information literacy. The Distinguished Librarian rank honors and promotes the achievement of personal excellence, groundbreaking professional progress, and wide-ranging benefit to the academic community.

For nomination guidelines and additional information, please refer to system.suny.edu.