The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs is pleased to support faculty research, academic travel and conference presentations, artistic endeavor, or other comparable professional activity. Applications are invited from:

  • full-time faculty on multiple-year contracts or with one year’s prior service as a full timer; and/or
  • part-time faculty who have served at least half time for three or more consecutive years and consecutive semesters

Faculty Support Award Guidelines

  1. The goal of these awards is to encourage faculty in their professional endeavors and to further their own and the college’s mission and reputation.
  2. This award period covers expenses incurred from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024 and will be processed as a reimbursement only.
  3. The amount of the award can range in any sum up to a maximum of $1000 for each applicant during the 2023-24 awards cycle.
  4. Awards may also be for smaller sums, as appropriate to the project. More than one project may be included in one application, but the dollar limit applies to each applicant, not to each individual project.
  5. An applicant may only receive one Faculty Support Award (FSA) per academic year, i.e., a recipient of an FSA in the fall round will not be eligible to apply for the spring round.
  6. If an FSA recipient’s actual project costs are lower than expected, the balance cannot be used for a different project. For example, if a faculty member is awarded $800 in the fall round, but the actual project expenses total $600, he or she may not use the remaining $200 for another project. Also, in such cases, he or she may not apply for a spring award to use the balance of those funds.
  7. Any start-up funds approved at the time a faculty member is hired must be spent before applying for a Faculty Support Award.
  8. Each application is peer reviewed by the Faculty Professional Standards and Awards Committee, whose members deserve our thanks for their dedicated service. The committee’s recommendations are then reviewed by the provost. Faculty who do not have a current curriculum vitae and annual faculty activity report on file, as required by SUNY policy, will not be granted funds. Similarly, applicants who have received previous funding but have not submitted to the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs a satisfactory report on its use and progress towards completion of the project will be deemed ineligible.
  9. Application forms (available here: .doc ) should be submitted electronically as an attached file to the Director.

    Directors should:
    • verify the applicant’s eligibility and status (part-time, junior, or senior faculty)
    • indicate their support in the space allotted on the application form
    • send the amended application as an attached file to 
    • deadlines that fall on a weekend and/or holiday are extended to the next business day

Please do not submit incomplete applications, as they will be returned.