Annual Activity Report

About the Annual Faculty Activity Report

All full-time faculty and those part-time faculty who are on multiyear contracts are required to complete the Annual Faculty Activity Report and send it, along with an updated curriculum vitae, to the director of their school or conservatory by June 1, 2024 . It is optional for other part-time faculty and for faculty members who are on leave for the full academic year. 

The report format allows faculty to be thoughtful and thorough in describing and evaluating accomplishments and does not ask for information that is readily available from the registrar’s office. This report is used to assist the various committees, directors, deans, and the provost in making decisions about awards, leaves, scheduling, and workload. In addition, the record of the past year’s activities, accomplishments, and service to the college will be useful as you compile your portfolio for tenure, promotion, and various recognitions.

Please note that full-time faculty and part-time faculty on multiyear contracts who do not submit their Annual Faculty Activity Report and curriculum vitae to their director by the specified date will not be eligible for a faculty support award or a Presidential Discretionary Award (when/if available in the NYS/UUP Agreement) in the next academic year.