All documents can be found in the Library, the New York State University Police, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and online related to the specified offices cited below.  Reports of an alleged violation of any college policy is subject to review by the Office of Community Standards.  Students in violation may be subject to administrative action by the appropriate college unit and/or the disciplinary process overseen by the Office of Community Standards.

  1. Alcohol Policy
  2. Alcohol or Drug Use/Possession Disclosure Policy
  3. Computer Ethics Policy
  4. Controlled Substance Policy
  5. COVID-19 Updates and Plans
  6. Dining Program
  7. Email Policy
  8. Good Samaritan Policy
  9. Intramural Code of Conduct Policy
  10. Non-Discrimination
  11. Parental Notification Policy
  12. Parking
  13. Personal Electronic Transport Device Policy
  14. Policy Governing the Formation, Recognition, and Function of Student Clubs and Organizations
  15. Policy on Off-Campus Crimes
  16. Policy on Skateboarding, Skating, and Bicycling
  17. Posting Material on Campus
  18. Privacy Rights of Students and Families
  19. Residence License Agreement
  20. Residential Guest Registration
  21. Sexual Harassment
  22. Significant Infectious Disease Policy
  23. Title IX Policy
  24. Tobacco Free Policy