The Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA) is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation responsible for managing the funds collected from the Mandatory Student Activity Fee and advocating for the student body at Purchase College. The PSGA shall represent, advocate and further the interests and welfare of the students of Purchase College.

The PSGA is committed to:

  • Ensuring Equal Access for Students in all Programs and Activities
  • Promoting Active Student Involvement in Campus Governance

  • Protecting the Greatest Possible Freedom of Action for all PSGA Recognized Groups

  • Protecting the Greatest Possible Freedom of Action for all PSGA Members
  • Working to Provide Transparency Between Campus Administrators and the Student Body
  • Managing MSAF (Mandatory Student Activity Fee) and any Additional Funding Sources

The Mandatory Student Activity Fee (MSAF), first established in 1957, provides funding for all extracurricular activities on SUNY campuses state wide. At Purchase College the MSAF is currently $125.00 per student per semester which funds all activities facilitated by the PSGA.

Every two years, the student body at each state-operated campus of the State University of New York shall determine by a vote whether student activity programs shall be supported by either voluntary or mandatory student fees.