Why Cannabis/Marijuana is Not Allowed

Despite the recent passage of the New York State Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), the use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis/marijuana in any form remains a crime under federal law.  At the federal level, the Controlled Substances Act criminalizes the growing, possession and/or use of cannabis/marijuana.  As a controlled substance, use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis/marijuana  continues to be prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct  and is not permitted on campus and/or sponsored event.  The use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis/marijuana on campus is also restricted by federal laws, such as the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. In short, federal law requires that any College/University prohibit the use, possession and/or distribution of cannabis/marijuana on campus and/or sponsored event due to the federal funding received.

Violations of College Policies

Students who are documented for violation(s) of the College Policies associated with any controlled substance will be referred to the Office of Community Standards for disciplinary action. The Student Code of Conduct details the information including the consequences if found responsible for the violation(s).

Health & Safety

The health and safety of students is always our highest priority at Purchase College. Drug overdose or alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency. Call University Police at 914-251-6911 or 911 immediately in the event of an emergency! The Good Samaritan Policy was developed to minimize any hesitation students may have in obtaining help for themselves or others due to concerns that their own behavior may be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and/or law.