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Posting Material on Campus

Posting of Promotional and Marketing Materials

Purchase College is resolute in its position that free inquiry and dialogue are the important foundation for higher education. The policy of the college on promotional material on campus is intended to uphold these values. The policy also reflects the college’s right to place reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of speech on campus.

The intent of this policy is to serve as the overarching college policy on posting and set forth procedures for the orderly posting and distribution of print materials (e.g. posters, notices, flyers, announcements). It is in this context that recognized student organizations, departments, and offices of the college, and members of the college community may display signs, banners, posters, or other displays provided that they also meet the posting policy governing specific departments, schools, and organizations (e.g., PSGA).

Material Reviewing Process:

  • All internal individuals, external groups, and external individuals must have all materials reviewed and stamped by an approved staff member (Student Involvement Staff in the Office of Community Engagement, Wellness Center Staff, Learning Center Staff, Career Development Staff, Academic Schools). Once reviewed, materials may be placed on any general-purpose/open bulletin boards located in the lobby area of each building, in accordance with the requirements stated in this policy.
  • A stamp provides the ability for said groups or individuals to post in any academic building, non-residential community or dining facility. For those looking to post in residential communities or dining facilities, please see below.
  • Those who need materials reviewed will be able to access an authorized reviewer, or their designee, during their regularly scheduled work hours. These individuals will have up to two business days to review submitted materials and will contact the creator when the materials are ready for pick up.
  • Up to twenty five (25) individual items will be stamped at a time. If more items are needed, the creator may make additional copies from an originally stamped material. The reviewing staff member will not be responsible for printing materials, making copies, or hanging approved materials.

General Posting Requirements and Specifications:

  • The use of department, office, or organization bulletin boards or surrounding area, including digital signage, shall be in accordance with the policies, procedures, and established practices within each department, office, or organization, and in alignment with this college-wide posting policy.
  • No materials shall be affixed on any other surface, including but not limited to buildings, doors, windows, bathroom structures, interior walls, elevators, classroom chalkboards, trash receptacles, or building signs. The exception to this are private office doors of faculty, staff, and administrators.
    Please see the Exterior Posting & Chalking section for specifications regarding outside postings.
  • The hand-to-hand distribution of materials is permitted only when such activity does not disrupt or interfere with the educational, administrative, or operational activities of the college, the maintenance of campus property, or the free flow of traffic and persons. Reasonable efforts shall be made by the sponsoring college group to prevent and pick up litter as a result of the group’s hand-to-hand distribution of promotional materials.
  • Materials for events, programs, or services, including those open to the general public, shall include the following Disability Accommodation Statement: “Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations in order to participate fully in this event should contact [name of the program sponsoring organization] at [phone number and email address] in a timely fashion to allow making reasonable accommodations.” Assistance in arranging reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities is available from the Office of Disability Resources, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building.
  • Access to posting space on college bulletin boards, and general-purpose/open bulletin boards is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Posted materials shall be made of paper or similar medium as appropriate for posting on a bulletin board. The preferred size is 8.5” by 11” or smaller. Posted materials shall not exceed 17” by 22.”
  • No more than one copy of any given posted material shall be affixed to any college bulletin board, or general-purpose/open bulletin board.
  • The posting of materials shall be performed by the sponsor. Likewise, the sponsor shall also be responsible for the prompt removal (within 24 hours) and proper disposal of all posted materials upon the conclusion of an event, program, or service.
  • Digital signage policy is controlled and monitored by the department that owns the equipment.
  • Academic class projects that may involve posting of materials could be exempted from this policy as long as the project has been approved by the faculty member for the course and the exemption from this policy is granted by the provost.
  • College personnel will remove and discard any posting materials not removed promptly after the conclusion of the event, program or service.
  • Posted material shall not promote or condone behavior that violates college policies or local, state, or federal law.

Internal Groups:

Internal groups are defined as registered student organizations, campus governance units, academic boards of study, campus departments/offices, and college committees. Internal groups wishing to post materials on campus must meet the requirements listed below. Sponsorship on the materials must be explicit. e.g., “sponsored by (name of department/committee).”

Internal Individuals:

Individuals are members of the Purchase community by their affiliation with the college as students, faculty, staff, and administrators but who have no internal group sponsoring their event, posting, etc. Once reviewed, materials may be placed on general-purpose/open bulletin boards located in the lobby area of each building, in accordance with the below requirements.
Examples of materials created by an internal individual include but are not limited to: auditions, personal showcases, class projects, or advocacy efforts.

External Groups and Individuals:

External is defined as those that are not registered student organizations, campus governance units, academic units, campus departments/offices or committees, or an individual registered student. External postings will be limited to the following postings:  job postings, student audition/performances, shows, employment opportunities, service experiences, off campus housing rentals, academic and career related opportunities.  Once reviewed, materials may be placed only on general-purpose/open bulletin boards located in the lobby area of each building, in accordance with the below requirements.

Residence Halls & Apartment Communities:

  • The door-to-door distribution of materials in residence halls is not permitted. The only exception to this is the distribution of PSGA election materials by campaigning students.
  • The distribution or posting of materials within campus residences shall be in accordance with Office of Community Engagement policies.
  • Any internal groups or individuals who wish to post in residential areas may submit materials for review and distribution with the Office of Community Engagement located on the second floor or Campus Center North. Flyers will be distributed to building staff and posted 48-72 hours after being dropped off and approved—if necessary. If posters are dropped off on a Friday, please allow for an extra 24 hours for posting time.
  • Quantities:
    • Please provide no more than 5 copies for each residence hall: Big Haus/ Campus Center North, Crossroads, Farside, Fort Awesome, and Outback and
    • Please provide no more than 2 for each apartment community: the Olde, the Commons, Alumni Village.
  • Posted material shall not promote or condone behavior that violates college policies or local, state, or federal law.

Exterior Posting & Chalking:

The following restrictions pertain, but are not limited to, to any campus sidewalks, roadways, buildings, grounds (including snow and ice), parking lots, grass areas, wooded areas, paved areas, and the academic mall.
Materials posted on these areas are subject to removal without notification.

  • The use of tape or other substances used to convey a message on any of the locations listed above is prohibited.
  • Usage of any types of paints including but not limited to spray paint, acrylic, and water color paints on any of the locations listed above is prohibited.
  • Chalking on the academic mall and other paved areas including but not limited to sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas listed above is prohibited.
  • No materials shall be affixed on any other exterior surface, including but not limited to buildings, doors, windows, exterior walls, trash receptacles, light poles, telephone poles, posts, pillars, trees, shrubs, building signs, retaining walls, fountains, vehicle windshields, the Clocktower or any object on the campus.
  • Posting on non-bulletin board areas including but not limited to windows, doors, trees, polls, and the clock tower are prohibited.
  • The installation of academic project on the mall or in any other exterior areas should have the proper approval from the faculty member of the course and from the Facilities department.

Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA) Promotional Policy:
The Purchase Student Government Association requires clubs, organizations, services, general programming, major events, and all other PSGA funded operations to submit posters and campus-wide emails for approval before distribution to the campus. The Promotional Policy has been designed to reduce clutter on bulletin boards, to assist sponsors in more effectively promotion their events, and to make event information more readily available to the campus community.

Full policy and governing documents can be found on Pantherlink.


  • Posted material shall not promote or condone behavior that violates college policies or local, state, or federal law.
  • Posted material shall not include references to the sale or consumption of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Materials that infringe on the copyrighted or trademarked works of others are prohibited. Copyrighted and trademarked works may include, but are not limited to: logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, movies, videos, and written works.


  • Postings found to violate this policy will be taken down and discarded immediately without notification.
  • Repeated violations may result in a loss of posting privileges.
  • Anyone posting materials in violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary, legal action, and/or PNG status with the college, as appropriate