UUP Benefit Trust Fund: Benefits Booklet (.pdf), also available on the UUP website, uupinfo.org (under the Benefits tab)
UUP Benefit Trust Fund: (800) 887-3863

In addition to health insurance, the collective bargaining agreement between UUP and the State of New York provides for dental and vision coverage. These programs are funded by the state and are administered by the UUP Benefit Trust Fund. The UUP Benefit Trust Fund also administers a group term life insurance program.

Enrollment in the Benefit Trust Fund

Coverage under the UUP Benefit Trust Fund is not automatic. If eligible, you must first enroll yourself and your dependents in the Benefit Trust Fund by filing an enrollment card through the Benefits Office in Human Resources, (914) 251-6091, or with the Benefit Trust Fund directly. Enrollment cards may be obtained through the Benefits Office in Human Resources; by calling the Benefit Trust Fund office, (800) 887-3863; or downloaded from the UUP website, uupinfo.org (click on “Benefits,” then “Benefits Forms”).

All full-time faculty and part-time faculty who teach at least two courses per semester during the academic year are eligible. Eligible dependents include spouses, domestic partners, and unmarried children less than 19 years of age (or full-time students less than 25 years of age). Unmarried disabled children age 19 or older may also be eligible for coverage. Eligible employees do not pay any premium for these plans.

  • New employees become eligible for dental and vision coverage as soon as they complete 42 days of continuous employment.
  • Newly eligible employees have the same 42-day waiting period. Newly eligible employees are those who are not eligible for Fund coverage when they are hired, but become eligible later. (For example, they meet the eligibility requirements as a result of an increase in their teaching load.)

For more information about eligibility and plan features, please review the Benefits Booklet and contact Noemi Spaziante, the benefits coordinator in Human Resources, (914) 251-6448.

Active part-time employees represented by UUP who are not eligible for these plans (for example, those who teach one course per semester) may purchase dental and/or vision coverage through the UUP Member Services Trust Fund. For rates and additional information, please visit the UUP website, uupinfo.org (click on “Benefits,” then “Part Timers”).

All UUP active members and agency fee payers in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit are eligible. (Eligibility for this program differs from that for dental and vision coverage.) This benefit does not cover dependents or retirees. The maximum benefit is $6,000. Other benefits available to UUP members through the life insurance program are a $1,500 death and dismemberment policy, survivor financial counseling services, and Assist America (worldwide travel assistance). For detailed information or questions about eligibility and plan features, please review the Benefits Booklet and contact the UUP Benefits Trust Fund, (800) 887-3863.