Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is temporary income for eligible workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing, and able to work and who have sufficient weeks and wages in covered employment. The Department of Labor determines whether an unemployed worker qualifies for unemployment insurance.

State employees are covered by unemployment insurance; should you become unemployed, please contact the local Department of Labor office for information. The New York State Department of Labor site contains detailed information on how to file a claim.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to protect employees against a loss of income or employment when they have suffered an on-the-job injury or illness.

  • All work-related accidents should be reported immediately to the chair or director of your school or conservatory.
  • Call the University Police at (914) 251-6900 within 24 hours to report a work-related injury or illness. In addition, employees should call the Accident Reporting System (ARS) at (888) 800-0029.
  • If you are absent from work due to your injury or illness, you must also notify the Office of Human Resources, (914) 251-6090, and will need to provide that office with ongoing medical documentation during your absence.
  • Deborah Bradshaw, the senior personnel associate in the Office of Human Resources, can assist employees with workers’ compensation claims. She can be reached at (914) 251-5901, deborah.bradshaw@purchase.edu.
  • To assist its members, UUP has entered into an agreement with a statewide law firm, Fine, Olin & Anderman LLP (FOA), which concentrates on workers’ compensation and Social Security disability. More information on this benefit is available under Benefits > Other Links > “FOA Workers Compensation” on uupinfo.org.