Credit-Bearing Courses

Earn college credit throughout the year either in-person or online. Visiting students are welcome to register in any of our standard semesters, as well as the Winter and Summer sessions. There is no formal application and acceptance process. Simply create your student account and register today! 

Visiting students can register for the Summer 2018 semester on February 21st.

Senior Citizen Auditing 

New York State residents who are at least 60 years of age are welcome to enroll tuition-free as a “special auditor” each semester, including summer session, in a maximum of two credit-bearing, on-campus courses in which space is available to special auditors.

Currently, all Senior Citizen Auditors must register in-person at the Registrar’s Office. Please reference the Academic Calendar for information on when you may register as a Senior Citizen Auditor.

Continuing Education

Purchase College offers a lifetime of learning with noncredit options:

Courses may be taken individually without commitment to a program.

Youth & Precollege

Immersion in visual arts, performing arts, music, filmmaking, architecture, creative writing, journalism, STEM, and digital arts gives youth & precollege students the opportunity to explore their passions and discover themselves. 

High school students may also be able to register for undergraduate courses. Find out how

International Institute 

Whether you’re an au pair interested in fulfilling education requirements or an adult nonnative English speaker interested in improving your English language proficiency— the Explorations in American Life and Language program offers a variety of exciting, enriching, and interactive courses to help you achieve your goals.