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Undergraduate Courses with Noncredit Seats

Take a noncredit course at a reduced tuition rate!

  • $180 for the noncredit option in a 1-credit course*
  • $320 for the noncredit option in a 2-credit course*
  • $520 for the noncredit option in a 3-credit course*
  • $625 for the noncredit option in a 4-credit course*

*plus applicable fees. In addition to the tuition and any listed lab fees, there is a $25 nonrefundable noncredit registration fee paid once per semester. Please note: Specialized course tuition rates may vary from the above.

  • Students who register for this option do not receive college credit or grades.
  • This noncredit option is limited to students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Purchase College.
  • Because noncredit spaces are limited in these credit courses, early registration is advised.
  • Students may not switch between the credit and noncredit sections of these courses after the add/drop period.
  • Early registration discounts do not apply to these courses. 


Open Courses: Summer 2018
June 4 – July 27

In the online course search choose “Summer 2018 Noncredit (View Only)” and click on “Class Search”

Human Anatomy and Physiology I: Anatomy and Physiology - starts June 4
Introduction to the organ systems of the human body, including the neuromuscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and digestive systems. The physiological mechanisms of adaptation to exercise are also considered. BIO1510  / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Lee Ehrman
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Human Anatomy and Physiology I: Anatomy and Physiology l Lab - starts June 4
Students learn about both form and function of the human body. Content includes cells and tissues; gross and microscopic anatomy; integumentary, skeletal, and muscular systems; and kinesiology. Lab exercises use microscope slides, models, and dissection for a hands-on approach and a practical knowledge of anatomy.

BIO1511  / noncredit / $180
Instructor: James Monks

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*FULL* American Subcultures in Film - starts June 4
What does it mean to be part of a subculture? This phenomenon is explored through film, focusing on subcultures that are usually not in the mainstream spotlight and analyzing what it means to live on the margins. The subcultures may include, for example, the Amish, big rig drivers, Scrabble champions, graffiti artists, quadriplegic athletes, prison inmates, and outsider artists.
CMS3160  / noncredit / $180
Instructor: Sharon Zechowski
Chemistry I - starts June 4
The principles and applications of chemistry. Topics include the development of an atomic/molecular model, stoichiometry, interaction of light with matter, and the physical behavior of solids, liquids, and gases.
CHE1550 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Mohammed Meziani
Chemistry I Lab - starts June 4
Emphasizes basic techniques in synthetic and analytical chemistry.
CHEM1551 / noncredit / $180
Instructor: Mohammed Meziani
Beginning Spanish I - starts June 4
For students who have had little or no previous exposure to the language. Presents the essential structures of spoken and written Spanish by involving the student in situations that concretely represent the concepts of the language.
SPA1010 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Ager Gondra
General Biology I - starts June 4
Lab exercises on cell organization, cell division, genetics, enzyme kinetics, photosynthesis, and development, and the use of light microscopes, spectrophotometer, and chromatography. Required for premedical students, biology majors, biochemistry majors, and environmental studies majors.

BIO1550 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Michael Lisbin

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General Biology I Lab - starts June 4

BIO1551 / noncredit / $180
Instructor: Michael Lisbin

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 Collage - starts June 4
The collage medium is often associated with Cubism because it has the power to both fracture and reassemble shapes and images. This course explores the fabrication of two-dimensional artworks, using a variety of materials (both found and created), including paper, fabric, wood, metal, and string, along with drawing and painting elements.

VIS2200  / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Stephen Maine
Playwriting I - starts June 4
An introduction to the basic techniques of writing for the stage, beginning with the story. Multiple short writing assignments emphasize character, plot, diction, subtext, and meaning. They include writing from personal experience, adapting a short story and a classical play, and using a current news story as inspiration. Students discuss Aristotle’s elements as they pertain to the scene, apply basic elements of the craft, read several short plays, and attend performances on campus and in New York City.
PSW1000 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Sara Cooper
Private Study: Jazz Piano  - starts June 4
MPE4350 / noncredit /
Instructor: Eugenia Cho
Private Study
Private Study: Jazz Drum - starts June 4
MPE4350 / noncredit /
Instructor: Clinton Mobley
Private Study
Private Study: Jazz Guitar  - starts June 4

MPE4350 / noncredit /
Instructor: John Reed Miller
Private Study

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Introduction to Video - starts June 4

COM1400 / noncredit / $520
Instructor: James Mehiel

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Using Excel in the Workplace- starts July 2 *Full* Call to be put on the wait list
Students learn how to employ Excel to create and modify spreadsheets, create macros and scripts, create charts and graphs, import data, create concept maps and sequentially rank information. By learning how to harness Excel’s data analysis and visualization tools, they can analyze information, spot trends, and access information easily and recognize its importance in making critical financial decisions.
MAT1001 / noncredit / $320
Instructor: Odile Delgado
Introduction to Classical Music  starts July 2
In this course, students gain a deeper appreciation of popular music by addressing its origins, from Greek music to Middle Eastern folk traditions, the birth of notation, and the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods of Western music.
MUS2040 / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Alice Jones
Precalculus  - starts July 2
Prepares students with limited backgrounds in high school mathematics for calculus. Topics include absolute values and inequalities, the properties of functions, graphs, logarithms, fractional exponents, and trigonometry.
MAT1150 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Alan Anderson
History of Art Survey I - starts July 2
The art and architecture of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and medieval Europe, presented in terms of their visual and cultural significance.
ARH1010 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Mara Horowitz
Fundamentals of Arts Management - start July 2

This introductory survey provides an overview of management principles and entities common in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors, preparing students for upper-level courses in the arts management program. Topics include arts business goals and planning, history of arts management, leadership and organizational structure, programming, marketing and public relations, funding and finance, volunteerism and advocacy, and arts and entertainment law.
 AMG1100/ noncredit / $625
Instructor: Janis Astor

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Modern American Short Stories - starts July 2

Concise and focused, the short story has been a lens through which Americans have explored their identities. Stories written in the last 25 years examine the changing sense of what being an American means.

LIT3677 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Shinelle Espaillat

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Introduction to Digital Photography - starts July 2
PHO1101 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Deborah Mesa-Pelly
Human Anatomy and Physiology II: Physiology and Nutrition- starts July 2

Introduction to the human body, emphasizing general physiological processes. The body is studied from the viewpoint of homeostasis, concentrating on the relationship of food to the functioning living organism in health and disease. Topics of current interest, controversies, and myths are highlighted. 

BIO1520 / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Lee Ehrman 
Mon - Thurs: 6:30 - 9:50pm
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Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab: Physiology and Nutrition- starts July 2

Students learn about both form and function of the human body. Content includes neuroanatomy and neurophysiology; senses (vision, olfaction, taste, hearing, equilibrium); and functional anatomy/physiology of the endocrine, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems. Lab exercises use microscope slides, models, and dissection for a hands-on approach and a practical knowledge of anatomy.

BIO1521 / 

noncredit / $180
Instructor: TBA
Mon. - Thurs.: 2:00- 5:45pm

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Food - starts July 2

LBS30103 / noncredit/ $625

Instructor: Ryan Andrews and Mara Horowitz
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 Summer Spotlight: Food

Courses: Fall 2018

Registration starts on July 16, 2018. From that date you will see more info in the online course search. Choose “Fall 2018 Noncredit (View Only)” and click on “Class Search.” Most courses are held in the evening, once a week for 15 weeks.

Introduction to Video Techniques and Technology - starts Aug. 27

This introduction to the art and science of video production focuses on developing visual literacy and post-production skills. Starting with an examination of basic video technology and traditional media aesthetics, all stages of the video production process are covered. Students receive introductory technical training and hands-on experience with digital camcorders, microphones, and nonlinear editing equipment.

COM1400 / noncredit / $520

Instructor: James Mehiel
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American Film, Reflections of a Century I: 1900 to 1949 - starts Aug 29

Early films depict the transition from the Victorian era to the Industrial Age, the birth of big cities, the suffragette movement, and the development of narrative cinema. Topics include World War I and the introduction of the propaganda film, the wild Jazz Age, the cynical gangster movies, the protest films of the Depression era, and the rise of escapist films.

CMS3130 / noncredit / $625
  Michael Garber
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 Water - starts Aug. 30

 An interdisciplinary course that examines physical aspects of the world’s water, from oceans and rivers to streams and ponds. Noting the role that water plays in ecosystems and social systems provides the basis for further exploration into the history of use, contamination, and protection. The physical and chemical properties of water provide the basis for questions of safety and sustainability.

 LBS3012 / noncredit / $625
 Katie Pearl
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 Artificial Intelligence - starts Aug. 27

 This interdisciplinary course examines ethical, technical and workplace issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). By discussing conceptual dilemmas about human-AI interaction from science fiction, TV and film, considering the rise of workplace automation, and exploring specific cases from self-driving cars to intelligent systems that (un)lock front doors and control household items within the internet of things, students tackle policy implications.

 LBS3015 / noncredit / $625
 Carina Vocisano
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Science of Happiness - starts Aug. 28

This course will examine the meanings and determinants of happiness from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, including cultural anthropology, economics, and psychology. Coursework will combine sociocultural and economic analyses with scientific research from the field of positive psychology regarding the psychosocial and neuropsychological nature of happiness, including how positive emotions influence cognition, health, wealth and social relations.

LBS3016 / noncredit / $625
Ragnhild Utheim
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