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Undergraduate Courses with Noncredit Seats

Take a noncredit course at a reduced tuition rate!

  • $180 for the noncredit option in a 1-credit course*
  • $320 for the noncredit option in a 2-credit course*
  • $520 for the noncredit option in a 3-credit course*
  • $625 for the noncredit option in a 4-credit course*

*plus applicable fees. In addition to the tuition and any listed lab fees, there is a $25 nonrefundable noncredit registration fee paid once per semester. Please note: Specialized course tuition rates may vary from the above.

  • Students who register for this option do not receive college credit or grades.
  • This noncredit option is limited to students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Purchase College.
  • Because noncredit spaces are limited in these credit courses, early registration is advised.
  • Students may not switch between the credit and noncredit sections of these courses after the add/drop period.
  • Early registration discounts do not apply to these courses. 

Courses: Fall 2018

Registration starts on July 16, 2018. From that date you will see more info in the online course search. Choose “Fall 2018 Noncredit (View Only)” and click on “Class Search.” Most courses are held in the evening, once a week for 15 weeks.

Introduction to Video Techniques and Technology - starts Aug. 27

This introduction to the art and science of video production focuses on developing visual literacy and post-production skills. Starting with an examination of basic video technology and traditional media aesthetics, all stages of the video production process are covered. Students receive introductory technical training and hands-on experience with digital camcorders, microphones, and nonlinear editing equipment.

COM1400 / noncredit / $520

Instructor: James Mehiel
Registration Form / Credit Card Authorization

American Film, Reflections of a Century I: 1900 to 1949 - starts Aug 29

Early films depict the transition from the Victorian era to the Industrial Age, the birth of big cities, the suffragette movement, and the development of narrative cinema. Topics include World War I and the introduction of the propaganda film, the wild Jazz Age, the cynical gangster movies, the protest films of the Depression era, and the rise of escapist films.

CMS3130 / noncredit / $625
  Michael Garber
Registration Form / Credit Card Authorization

 Water - starts Aug. 30

 An interdisciplinary course that examines physical aspects of the world’s water, from oceans and rivers to streams and ponds. Noting the role that water plays in ecosystems and social systems provides the basis for further exploration into the history of use, contamination, and protection. The physical and chemical properties of water provide the basis for questions of safety and sustainability.

 LBS3012 / noncredit / $625
 Katie Pearl
Registration Form / Credit Card Authorization

 Artificial Intelligence - starts Aug. 27

 This interdisciplinary course examines ethical, technical and workplace issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). By discussing conceptual dilemmas about human-AI interaction from science fiction, TV and film, considering the rise of workplace automation, and exploring specific cases from self-driving cars to intelligent systems that (un)lock front doors and control household items within the internet of things, students tackle policy implications.

 LBS3015 / noncredit / $625
 Carina Vocisano
Registration Form / Credit Card Authorization

Science of Happiness - starts Aug. 28

This course will examine the meanings and determinants of happiness from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives, including cultural anthropology, economics, and psychology. Coursework will combine sociocultural and economic analyses with scientific research from the field of positive psychology regarding the psychosocial and neuropsychological nature of happiness, including how positive emotions influence cognition, health, wealth and social relations.

LBS3016 / noncredit / $625
Ragnhild Utheim
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