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Personal Enrichment

We offer workshops in the arts and noncredit access to several courses. Pursue your personal interests in a noncompetitive learning environment.

Learning for a Lifetime

Our personal enrichment program offers students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Purchase College the opportunity to take undergraduate credit courses on a noncredit basis.

And you may also take individual courses in any of our noncredit professional certificate programs without making a commitment to the entire program.

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Personal Enrichment Courses Summer 2019

Personal enrichment courses are open to the general public.

Arts Management

Fundamentals of Arts Management - starts June 3

This introductory survey provides an overview of management principles and entities common in both the nonprofit and commercial sectors, preparing students for upper-level courses in the arts management program. Topics include arts business goals and planning, history of arts management, leadership and organizational structure, programming, marketing and public relations, funding and finance, volunteerism and advocacy, and arts and entertainment law.

AMG 1100 (online) / noncredit / $625
 Janis Astor
June 3—28
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Finance for the Arts – starts July 1

To do more than survive in a competitive economy, artists and their managers must learn business strategies for the financial side of their profession. Students are introduced to the basics of budgets, financial management, and accounting concepts that translate into usable information with practical significance for financial decision-making.

AMG 2200 (online) / noncredit / $625
 Lindsey Crane
July 1—26
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*CLOSED* Management & Communication - starts June 4

The roles and theories of communication and leadership, together with the skills and traits of effective managers, are studied. Students examine how managers use behavioral modification and motivation techniques, develop coaching skills, manage change and conflict, and create a vision for their employees. The topics of strategy, organizational culture, and diversity are also included.

COM 3300 (hybrid) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Cynthia Brosnan
June 4–27
Tues. & Thurs., 6:30–9:40pm
Humanities Building, Room 1039
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*CLOSED* Documentary Production – starts July 1

An examination of the history, cultural impact, and aesthetics of documentary film and video production. Through viewings, lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises, students learn how to research, write, interview, direct, shoot, and edit a documentary. Using camcorders and editing equipment, students produce their own short documentaries.

COM 3320 (in person) / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Jill Campbell
July 1–25
Mon.–Thurs., 6:30–9:50pm
Humanities Building, Room 1039

Integrated Marketing Communications - starts June 3

Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals needed to build an integrated marketing communications plan, from creating a common objective, aligning strategies, and producing a consistent message. By strategically aligning various marketing functions and leveraging each disciplines strength’s, (i.e. paid advertising, public relations, social media, point of purchase and digital marketing), students can more purposefully design campaigns for maximum impact.

*CLOSED* COM 3380 (in-person) / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Shane Seaman
June 3–July 24
Mon. & Wed., 6:30–8:40pm
Humanities Building, Room 2045

COM 3380 (online) / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Shane Seaman
June 3–July 26
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*CLOSED* Introduction to the Novel – starts July 1

The rise of the novel and its continued relevance today. In addition to close readings of novels from a variety of time periods and countries, students read about the conditions that gave rise to the novel as a genre and various theoretical interpretations of the form and its functions.

LIT 1540 (hybrid) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Aditi Sriram
July 1–26
Mon. & Wed., 6:30–9:40pm
Natural Sciences Building, Room 3052
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Precalculus – starts July 1

Prepares students with limited backgrounds in high school mathematics for calculus. Topics include absolute values and inequalities, the properties of functions, graphs, logarithms, fractional exponents, and trigonometry.

MAT 1150 (online) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Nicholas Roberts
July 1–26

Calculus I - starts June 4

The basic concepts of the differential and integral calculus. Focus is on the applicability of these topics to an array of problems. The first course in a three-semester series.

MAT 1500 (in person) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Howard Stern
June 4–July 25
Tues. & Thurs., 6:30–9:50pm
Natural Sciences Building, Room 3053
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*CLOSED* Personal Finance – starts July 1

Students explore personal finance concepts. Core focus is to prepare students for civic engagement and to develop problem-solving skills using personal finance topics. Learning outcomes are designed to develop an appreciation of personal finance and quantitative reasoning skills, including: employing quantitative methods to solve finance problems; interpreting and drawing inferences from data; representing and discussing financial information (visually, numerically, and verbally).

MAT 2010 (in person) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Leslie Wertheim
July 1–26
Mon.–Thurs., 6:30–9:50pm
Social Sciences Building, Room 1003
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Painting and Drawing

*CLOSED* Introduction to Drawing - starts June 4

A basic introduction to drawing for students from other disciplines. Focus is placed on becoming familiar with the elements of 2-D design and on strengthening observational skills. A variety of drawing techniques and materials are used to explore both representational and nonrepresentational image making.

PAD 1210 (studio) / noncredit / $320+$42 fee
Instructor: Monique Boutin
June 4–27
Tues. & Thurs., 6:30–9:40pm + open studio TBD
Visual Arts Building, Room 2014
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*CLOSED* Introduction to Video Art - starts June 3

In this introduction to the discipline of video art, students expand their knowledge of nonlinear editing as it pertains to the exhibition of video. Conceptual approaches may include non-narrative structures, installation art, and performance art as they relate to the moving image. Note: Students must have access to and be able to use a DV camcorder, webcam, camera phone, or other video-recording device that can capture moving images of decent quality and upload them to a computer for editing.

SCP 3006 (hybrid) / noncredit / $320+$84 fee
Instructor: Kelsey Brod
June 3–28
Mon. & Wed., 6:30–9:40pm
Visual Arts Building, Room 1021
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Sound/Interactive Media I – starts July 1

Sound is explored as material in the context of the visual arts, using DAT recorders, sampling, synthesis, processing, computers, sensor control, and MIDI systems. Projects may include making sonic instruments, sounding objects, and experimental video; ambient, interactive, performative, and multimedia installations; and surround-sound DVDs. Advanced technological means enable uncharted explorations in the time-based arts.

SCP 3630 / (hybrid) noncredit / $520+$168 fee
Instructor: Audra Wolowiec
July 1–26
Mon. & Wed., 6:30—9:50pm
Visual Arts Building, Room 2012
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*CLOSED* Contemplation – starts July 1

Examines the art and science of contemplative practices in order to cultivate self-knowledge, critical awareness, emotional resilience, and social engagement. Students must be willing to personally explore such practices as meditation and incorporate them into their lives throughout the semester. This experiential approach complements an academic investigation and discussion of contemplative practices in the sciences and humanities.

SOC 1035 (in-person) / noncredit / $520
Instructor: Matthew Immergut
July 1–26
Mon.–Wed., 9:00am–12:10pm
Humanities Building, Room 1041
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*CLOSED* Intermediate Spanish I – starts July 1

For students already familiar with the fundamentals of spoken and written Spanish. Through various reading assignments, students are given a context for discussion to increase vocabulary and speaking ease. Weekly compositions serve as an aid for grammar review.

SPA 2010 (in-person) / noncredit / $625
Instructor: Deborah Symons
July 1–25
Mon.–Thurs., 9:00am–12:20pm
Humanities Building, Room 1039
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Visual Arts

*CLOSED* Special Topic: Fiber – starts July 2

This colloquium augments the Art+Design undergraduate program by focusing on the independent research of a current MFA student with advanced standing. The graduate student shares his or her unique research through readings, workshop activities, studio critiques, writing, and other assignments.

VIS 3470 (studio) / noncredit / $320+$118 fee
Instructor: Emma Welty
July 2–25
Tues. & Thurs., 9:00am–12:20pm + open studio TBD
Visual Arts Building, Room 2032
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*FULL* Making Community: Art – starts May 29 - Study away class in Detroit, MI. 

(Contact or call 914 251 6500 to be put on a waiting list) 

A summer service-learning course that takes place in struggling urban centers, in which students work with city residents to help rejuvenate abandoned homes. Activities and topics include skill-sharing workshops with residents, readings, lectures, and Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, interrogating the impacts of gentrification, the roles of outsiders in development, and the unintended consequences of good intentions in transitional neighborhoods.

VIS 3550 (studio) / noncredit /  $625+$523 fee 
 Raphael Zollinger
May 29—June 12
Monday—Friday, time TBD
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*CLOSED* College Writing – starts July 1

The ability to express ideas clearly and effectively in writing is essential to success as a student and citizen. Students learn and practice these skills throughout their academic career at Purchase College, beginning with College Writing. This is an intensive course that teaches students to:

  • produce strong written work at the college level
  • read and think critically
  • take a position and develop an argument of their own
  • research a topic and write a well-organized paper that develops their claims in dialogue with the sources
  • revise and improve their papers
  • present their ideas orally

WRI 1110 (in person) / noncredit / $625+$20 fee
Instructor: Alysa Hantgan
July 1–25
Mon.–Thurs., 9:00am–12:20pm
Humanities Building, Room 2035
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