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Personal Enrichment

Use your time wisely. Learn something new. Invest in yourself through a lifetime of learning.

Explore Your Inner Artist

Why not work with your voice, wood, or your camera? Or try one of our new courses in Painting and Drawing or Podcasting.

Learning for a Lifetime

New this semester are short lectures in music appreciation and history. Our personal enrichment program also offers students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Purchase College the opportunity to take undergraduate credit courses on a noncredit basis.

And you may also take individual courses in any of our noncredit professional certificate programs without making a commitment to the entire program. Personal enrichment courses are open to the general public.

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Additional Information

Students may register for one or more courses as their schedules allow. Students who register for noncredit courses do not receive college credit or grades.



In addition to the tuition, there is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee paid once per semester.

Au Pairs

Au pairs interested in fulfilling education requirements or adult nonnative English speakers interested in improving English language will benefit from these courses and courses offered in the Explorations in American Life and Language (ELL) program.