Peter Denenberg, Assistant Professor of Music
In support of research of low latency options for networked audio using the DANTE protocol, with the goal of empowering musicians to collaborate, in real-time, in multiple locations, something that is currently impossible. With further focus on aiming to design systems that are simple to assemble for live performance applications, with the additional goal of building in redundancy, to ensure high-quality audio capture.  

Yanine Hess, Assistant Professor of NSS
In support of a mixed-methods research study on the factors that impact a sense of belonging. To better understand what factors are important for belonging, this project will collect qualitative and quantitative data from a nationally representative sample of American participants to replicate past research conducted on an undergraduate student sample. Personal narratives detailing experiences of belonging and social exclusion will provide a foundation to test the robustness of current theories of belonging and to test a novel model that integrates research on social rejection, belonging, loneliness, and romantic relationships.


No awards were given out.


Monica Ferrell, Assistant Professor Humanities
In support of presenting her second collection of poems at Association of Writers Program conference in Portland, Oregon  and at international conference, Unamuno Poetry Festival in Madrid Spain.  The book has achieved real momentum,  receiving many positive reviews and many requests for presentations at various other venues, poetry festivals and reading series.  This work will enhance her reputation and that of the college of having  young talented writers.


Edwin Martinez, Assistant Professor of Film
In support of developing a new film documentary project, on the back-to-back disruptions of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and the aftermath of hurricane Maria on the island and its residents looking for answers to their short-term survival and long-term vitality and to attend the International Documentary Association’s second-ever biennial Getting Real conference on documentary media.


Mary Kosut, Associate Professor of Sociology
In support of the development costs of her in-progress manuscript, Other Art Worlds: Making Art and Rent in 21st-Century New York. Funds will be used toward completion of additional ethnographic fieldwork and transcription, and to present this research at the Twelfth International Conference on the Arts and  Society at the American University of Paris in June 2017.


Rob Swainston, Assistant Professor of Art+Design (Printmaking)
In support of expenses associated with his fellowship in the Art and Law Program, a 15-week seminar and lecture series now in its seventh year. The program is a think tank with a theoretical and philosophical focus on the effects of law and jurisprudence on cultural production and reception.


Lee Ehrman, Distinguished Professor of Biology
In support of travel to the Medical University of Vienna for project research needed to complete a manuscript on gene sequencing analyses.

Suzanne Farrin, Associate Professor of Music
In support of travel expenses associated with performance projects in Germany and in the U.S. at Georgia Tech.

Paula Halperin, Assistant Professor of Latin American History
In support of travel to South America associated with research for her book manuscript, Modernization and Visual Culture: Film, Photojournalism, and the Public Sphere in Brazil and Argentina, 1955–1980.

Paul Kaplan, Professor of Art History
In support of travel to Milan for research on a project on Giovannino Moro, and presentation of a paper on the research at a conference in Florence.

Maryann McEnroe, Associate Professor of Biology
Support to purchase parts and supplies for a TCS HEMOX Analyzer, which will allow McEnroe and her seniors to study the physiological adaptations and responses of Long Island Sound fishes to the increased temperature and CO2 resulting from climate change.


John Gitlitz, Associate Professor of Political Science
In support of a research project on the use of Article 15 of the Peruvian constitution in relation to statutory rape/early marriage cases.

Julian Kreimer, Assistant Professor of Art+Design
In support of the Studio Sessions series of one-day exhibitions and panel discussions.

Jeff Taylor, Assistant Professor of Arts Management
In support of research in Germany on judicial evidence relating to the convicted art forger Wolfgang Beltracchi.