Launched in Fall 2020, the NEU Student Voices blog features weekly posts by the Neuberger Museum’s communications intern.  Hear what’s happening at the NEU from the perspective of a Purchase College student.

Blog posts:

  •    Annabel Rhodeen Spring, MA ’12   Gallery Manager at Edel Assanti   London, United Kingdom

    Alumni Spotlight: Meet Annabel Rhodeen Spring, MA ‘12

    In this new Alumni Spotlight series, I am excited to introduce you to Purchase College alumni who worked at the Neuberger Museum of Art while they were students and to talk with them about where they are today. 

    My first interview is with Annabel Rhodeen Spring who earned her Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Criticism, and Theory from Purchase College in 2012.

  • Roy R. Neuberger

    Who is Roy R. Neuberger?: Part 1

    It’s safe to say that most Purchase College students—including this year’s new Freshmen—have heard of the “NEU” but many of you may not be as familiar with its origin and namesake, Roy R. Neuberger. I did some research and wanted to share with you some of what I found out about the Museum’s founding donor.

  •    ABC(orona) is a family’s anecdotal and thoroughly un-researched guide to surviving the coron...

    NEU To Do: Student Edition

    When the pandemic began in mid-March, the Neuberger Museum launched its NEU To Do campaign, a weekly e-mail linked to arts suggestions and virtual activities. As students, you’ve received many of these e-updates and, hopefully, have taken advantage of these resources while we’ve all been forced to stay inside.

    Now that some New York arts institutions have reopened their doors to the public, with COVID-19 protocols of course, I wanted to share a few of this month’s local exhibitions and events that I found interesting as a Purchase College student.

  • ConnectiveCollective Student Town Hall Moderators Nick Astor and Melissa Efrus

    ConnectiveCollective: Meet the Moderators

    Last Wednesday the community collaboration project ConnectiveCollective launched with a Virtual Town Hall for Purchase College students to talk about the issues that are on their minds right now. Four students with varied backgrounds facilitated the event. I caught up with two of the moderators to ask about their involvement with the project, their experiences, and what comes next.