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  • NY Forward = Phase IV Reopening

    backstory: Time to Open ... but not just yet

    Even though Westchester County just moved into Phase IV, the Neuberger is still closed. Why? Well, even before the pandemic, we had planned to be closed through the summer and into the fall. Why? Improvements! Among other things, we’re getting a new roof and, frankly, getting a new roof takes time. Hopefully not too much time, but time nonetheless.
  • Neuberger Museum of Art Chief Curator introduces recent acquisitions to the museum’s permanent ...

    backstory: Bookends

    Our chief curator, Helaine Posner, retired yesterday. Helaine was with the Neuberger for over a decade, during which time she curated many important exhibitions and contributed in many meaningful ways to the life of the museum.
  • Susan Dubin, Retiring Chair of the Board of the Friends of the Neuberger Museum of Art

    backstory: Devoted Leaders, part two

    So, you’ve heard me say already that I adore my board chair. Well … this is the last month of Susan Dubin’s tenure as Chair of the Board of the Friends of the Neuberger Museum of Art.
  • Association of Academic Museums and Galleries logo

    backstory: Risk and Bravery

    I’ve mentioned here before my work for the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, for which I serve as Vice President of Programs. On Monday, we opened our annual conference, virtually, and on that first day, I spoke about our theme this year of risk and bravery. For this week’s backstory, I’d like to share those remarks with you.