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Blog posts:

  • Relocation of Alexander Lieberman's Alert

    backstory: Climate Change?

    Our highly skilled preparators move most of our art when needed, but sometimes we need backup, especially when an object requires rigging. Such was the case earlier this week when we needed to relocate Alexander Lieberman’s Alert

  • Magic 8 Ball with a red circle on a table with baskets of wooden blocks

    backstory: Magic 8 Ball

    A few of you asked about the Magic 8 Ball in the picture of the blocks that I shared last week. 

  • Wooden blocks. Magnetic blocks that are faded pink, blue, green and orange. Magic 8 ball.

    backstory: Blocks

    So, in my office, I have a lot of blocks. These are blocks that my kids played with when they were younger but outgrew. 

  • Andy Goldsworthy, East Coast Cairn, 2001, limestone, collection Neuberger Museum of Art, located ...

    backstory: Snow-covered treats

    It’s sometimes hard to remember what our outdoor sculpture collection looks like when it snows, because it doesn’t really snow any more around here.