Hear from Neuberger Museum of Art Director Tracy Fitzpatrick about the topics that inform and inspire the team responsible for bringing the Museum’s exhibitions and programs to life.

Blog posts:

  • Text Celebrating Juneteenth Freedom Day on a black background with color bars of gold, red, and green at the top and bottom of the graphic

    backstory50: Juneteenth

    All this year these backstory messages have focused on the celebration of the Museum’s 50th anniversary, focusing on today through the lens of the past. 

  • Image: This untitled work by Max Ernst is part of the Hans Richter Collection of Dada Art, which was bequeathed by the artist to the Neub...

    backstory50: Dada Art at the NEU

    The extraordinary depth and quality of the objects that Roy R. Neuberger donated to the Museum over the course of his lifetime can overshadow some of the other extraordinary areas of the Museum’s collection. One of those areas is the Hans Richter Collection of Dada Art.

  • Archival images of student exhibition covers from the 1970s to the present day

    backstory50: Training the next generation

    The Neuberger Museum of Art has always trained students in curatorial practice and the student-curated exhibition has long been a hallmark of that training.

  • A group of students seated on the sidewalk outside the Neuberger Museum of Art

    backstory50: The Museum as Classroom

    In my Ph.D. program in art history at Rutgers I had an unexpected experience. Part of my funding required that I serve as a teaching assistant and, to my great surprise, I found that I loved being in the classroom. Eventually, teaching my own classes but still intent on continuing my museum career that was already a decade-long prior to grad school, I came to understand the ways in which museums could function as classrooms.