The backstory blog by Neuberger Museum of Art Director Tracy Fitzpatrick takes a look at what happens behind the scenes at the Museum and what informs and inspires the team responsible for bringing its exhibitions and programs to life.

Blog posts:

  • What’s On Your Mind Right Now?Shape the Conversation with your input now

    backstory: An exciting collaboration

    Unless you’re a Purchase College student, you’re not invited (again) to the first part of the collaboration happening tonight. I’m not invited either.
  • Testing swab being inserted test tube labeled sample

    backstory: Pool Testing

    Today I did something I never imagined I’d do …
  • Neuberger Museum of Art logo in a simple black and white outline format

    “Razing” the Roof

    Remember how I mentioned last week that the Neuberger was the first building to be constructed on the Purchase College campus? Well, that also means that we had the first roof! And it’s time for a replacement (this will actually be our third roof, I think).
  •    Purchase College students in the current office of the Neuberger Museum of Art director, early...

    backstory: Origin Story

    Did you know that when the Neuberger opened its doors back in 1972, it didn’t open as a museum?