On View:

  • Edward Hopper, Barber Shop, 1931 Oil on canvas, 60 x 78 inches Collection Neuberger Museum of Art...

    Then and Now:  Modern and Contemporary Selections  from the Permanent Collection


    Then and Now is an ongoing exhibition that includes a rotation of works by some of the museum’s most beloved artists installed with contemporary art from the collection.

  •    Anne Ryan, Puerto, 1947   Woodcut, 15 from an edition of 20, 21 ¼ x 12 ½ inches, Gift of Roy R...

    Impressions: The Inventions of Printmaking

    ON VIEW:  September 22, 2021 - February 27, 2022

    Featuring works on paper and fabric from the Neuberger Museum of Art’s permanent collection, Impressions: The Inventions of Printmaking navigates a rich history of printmaking from relief to intaglio to planographic processes.
  • The Rise of a Social Consciousness in the Arts of Mexico since the Revolution

    ON VIEW: September 15 - December 24, 2021

    Featuring works from the permanent collection of the Neuberger Museum of Art, The Rise of a Social Consciousness in the Arts of Mexico since the Revolution highlights the important roles played by modern Mexican artists in the awakening of a social consciousness in Mexico, a country that was marked by a decade of revolution beginning in 1910 that not only changed its political course, but also triggered an artistic revolution.

  •    Lesley Dill (born Bronxville, New York, 1950), Rush 2006-07   Metal foil, organza and wire, Di...

    Lesley Dill: Rush

    ON VIEW: June 9 - December 31, 2021

    Lesley Dill’s Rush (2006-07) is a visually dazzling, ambitious site responsive work that covers a 20’ x 60’ wall in the Neuberger Museum’s Theater Gallery. This immersive installation is an enormous collage of hundreds of interconnected animal and human figures culled from world spiritual traditions and representing love, death, transcendence, and other themes.

  •    David Smith; The Billiard Player, 1945; steel; 28 1/2 x 23 x 6 1/2 inches; Collection Neuberge...

    David Smith: Billiard Players

    ON VIEW: November 17, 2021 - February 20, 2022

    David Smith: Billiard Players includes a selection of works executed from 1935 through 1945, a crucial period in the artist’s artistic evolution. Smith examined the figure of the billiard player in many variations as a way to advance open sculptural forms, synthesize sociopolitical subject matter into his own personal iconography, and explore the fluidity between representation and abstraction in depicting volume, motion and time.

  • Anton Koberger, Koberger Bible leaf, 1483, Ink on paper, one leaf; two sides. 14 7/16 x 10 1/8 in...

    Following the Clues: The Roy R. Neuberger Collection Provenance Project

    ON VIEW:  November 17, 2021 — February 20, 2022

    Stewarding a collection requires not only the physical care of objects but also a lot of research. That detective work, using a wide range of tools, is critical for ensuring that the history of the ownership of an object—its provenance—is known prior to a museum acquiring that work by gift, bequest, or purchase.

  • Fall 2021 M+ project in the Open Classroom at the Neuberger Museum of Art

    Open Classroom

    Wall signage for ?Open Classroom at the NEU?

    ON VIEW:  October 20, 2021 - December 24, 2021

    Open Classroom projects align with course material of Purchase College classes while moving beyond the scope of the traditional classroom.