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Reflecting Back While Looking Ahead

As the semester wraps up, I took some time to reflect back on this not-so-normal year of virtual classes and lots of ZOOM time and to look ahead at what might be coming next.

First, I know my experience as an intern at the Neuberger will propel my future work as a writer. As a Liberal Studies major, all my courses across many different subjects have helped improve my writing skills. But this blog really took me outside of my comfort zone. I loved the time I had spent in the museum before it closed for the pandemic, but I had no art background. I was an art novice. I took the internship to learn and to become more comfortable writing about subjects that I knew little about. I can successfully say those expectations were met and exceeded! I was challenged to explore and write about a wide range of new topics and given the opportunity to learn about some of the operations that take place behind the scenes at a museum. I met and worked with museum staff, my fellow interns, and even a Purchase Art History MA alumna who had curated for the museum and is now a successful entrepreneur in the field.

Even with the digital downfalls of laptop-based learning and virtual-only interactions with our professors and peers, there were positive takeaways. At the NEU, for example, the artist talks gained more attention and participation from across the country because they were accessible from anywhere. The digital aspect opened the door for more people to participate in these discussions – and ask questions of the speakers – than if the talks were only ‘live’ in the museum.

As I write this post, the museum is planning to reopen to members and the public in late May after having been open only to the campus community this spring. By fall, it is looking like the museum will be back open to all students and the public. This is great news for museumgoers from the community and also for us students who are craving a sense of normalcy on campus. I’m excited to get ready for a beautiful Fall Semester where I can take trips to the NEU after enjoying a coffee from Starbuck and catching up with old friends on the great lawn. I hope to see you in the galleries, too!

My experience as this semester’s NEU Student Voices blogger has better prepared me for writing in a professional setting. To the student who might take on this blogging role next semester, my advice would be to look back to old posts for guidance or inspiration and then to always stay up-to-date with what’s happening at the museum and what’s happening on campus. Find ways to connect the two in your writing. And don’t be shy about bringing up the topics you think would be of interest. Your supervisors are always open to hear what you have to say … this is the Student Voices blog after all!

Eve Hlavatovic
Neuberger Museum of Art
Spring 2021 Communications Intern
NEU Student Voices Blogger