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First Through the Doors

Last week I had the opportunity to be one of the first students to walk back through the museum’s doors after over a year of the building being closed to the public. As a remote student, being back on campus felt surreal, but as soon as I walked back through the exhibits at the Neuberger I felt like I was back home as a campus resident once again.

The NEU is open to the campus community only
every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 12pm - 5pm


If you’re also craving a visit back to the NEU, I detailed my experience so you can have an idea of what to expect:
What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Mask Zone
Before arriving on campus, I filled out the visitor registration form and the health screening tool to ensure that I was not putting my health or anyone else’s at risk to visit. Once I got confirmation that it was okay for me to arrive, I headed to campus. After parking in West 1, I made my way to the CMFT lobby where a student greeter checked me in before I headed to the museum.

What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Doors Finally Open As I entered through the doors I was quickly welcomed by someone at the front desk. They checked my More Card and made sure I had filled out the health screening tool before entering, then I then was able to tour the museum on my own. I felt safe as everyone was very distanced, there was hand sanitizer supplied all over, and everybody I saw there was wearing a mask.

What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Concentrated Power I first stopped in to the Open Classroom to explore the Concentrated Power project as I was eager to see what my fellow students—including two other NEU interns—had curated. The exhibit was so interesting and I has happy to be there in person to see all of their hard work come to life. Read more about the project in this interview with two of the graduate student curators. 

What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Then and Now Next, I strolled around the Then and Now exhibit of objects from the permanent collection, admiring pieces that I had loved before. After not seeing them for so long, my perspective on the pieces had changed. I have more appreciation now than ever before for the way artwork can bring people together, even if it is not in a physical sense.
What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Color and Motion
As I walked through the Color and Motion exhibition, I was quickly engrossed in all of the diverse pieces within one exhibit. I loved being able to view the artwork after having the opportunity to interview the exhibition’s curator for this blog. To see the works in person really helped bring the story behind the exhibit to life.

What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: African Art and Culture Before leaving the museum, I took a trip to the second floor to admire all of the works in the African Art & Culture show. While looking at all of the cultural objects from a land so far away, I was reminded of how truly lucky we are as students to have the museum on campus. Whether you are an artist or an art lover, the museum offers such incredible diversity. Around every corner was something new to explore. There really is something for everyone to see and enjoy.

What I Saw in my First Trip Back to the NEU: Art I found being back in the galleries incredibly peaceful. Especially after the past year. The space is vast. It’s quiet. And if your experience is anything like mine, there’s a good chance there may be few other visitors in the gallery at the same time as you.

So, whether you are living on campus, studying remotely, or commuting, being able to return to the museum marks a turning point where students can slowly and safely return to familiar places. If you’re like me and have been itching to get back into a museum, but not wanting to travel to the city, head to the NEU:  it’s the perfect solution.

Eve Hlavatovic
Neuberger Museum of Art
Spring 2021 Communications Intern
NEU Student Voices Blogger