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Three from Purchase Explore “Bleeding Edge”

A new exhibition at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art features work by an alumna, a faculty member, and a current graduate student.

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, in conjunction with Peekskill’s Art Industry Media Initiative, presents the exhibition Bleeding Edge, featuring artists who push the boundaries of new media, specifically human-technological entanglements.

“Bleeding Edge takes its title from an industry term referring to technology so innovative it comes with incredible risk and an alarmingly high rate of failure,” says HVCCA.

Eleanor King MFA ’16 (visual arts), Kelsey Brod MFA ’18 (visual arts), MA ’19 (art history),  and Anthony Antonellis, visiting assistant professor of Art+Design, each have work in the exhibition, which is on view from March 4 through May 15, 2018.

Kelsey Brod explores questions of identity and representation through the production of politicized program tutorials,in which racial and gendered hierarchies within software are revealed as extensions of institutionalized power structures.

Eleanor King uses Google Maps to explore the wilderness surrounding an Inuit village in northernmost Canada. The lifeless computerized illustration of the landscape however points more towards government surveillance and hydrocarbon exploration than any sense of natural majesty. King is also a visiting assistant professor and curatorial manager for the School of Art+Design.

Anthony Antonellis’ gif-inspired video works explore the failed commodities of the hyper-present, and the curatorial conundrum of exhibiting art created for the internet.

The exhibition is curated by Michael Barraco MFA ’16 (visual arts), education program coordinator for HVCCA.

An opening reception is planned for March 24. Learn more about the exhibition and the opening reception at