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How do I make a Zoom recording available to my students via Moodle?

Make sure you’re logged in at your Purchase-authenticated Zoom account at

Record your Zoom meeting locally to your computer or device (do not record to Zoom Cloud) and upload the video file to your YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube channel, see Create YouTube Channel for a tutorial.

Upload your Zoom recording MP4 file to YouTube Studio and choose to make the video either Public or Unlisted (Public if you want others to be able to view your video; Unlisted if you want the video to only be available to those who have access to the link).

If you have a video longer than 15 minutes, you will need to verify your YouTube account which just takes a few minutes and involves getting a code via text message that you then enter on your account page. See Upload Video Longer than 15 Minutes

Next, make the video available to your students by posting the YouTube URL as a URL resource in your course or by embedding the video in your Moodle course.

You can upload your recorded Zoom videos to YouTube in a few easy steps. Use the instructions below to upload your videos from a computer or from an mobile device:

Once your video has been uploaded and processed by YouTube, you can simply paste the video’s URL into any text input area in Moodle and it will automatically embed a YouTube video player in either a Label resource, Page resource, in a prompt for a discussion Forum activity, in the description of an Assignment activity, and even within a Quiz question.

Additional information is available at the COVID-19 Remote Teaching Resources Guide.

Link to this FAQ: How do I make a Zoom recording available to my students via Moodle?