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Moodle Enrollment and Access Processes

  • Banner processes control the automatic addition of faculty and student accounts to Moodle courses, based on student enrollments and faculty course assignments.  If students drop a course or if faculty are reassigned from a course section, Banner will also automatically remove them from the corresponding Moodle course shell.
  • Instructors of record have the ability to manually add faculty, staff, or students to their Moodle course shells, assigning them a role in their course (e.g., student, learning assistant, library liaison, non-editing teacher, teacher) that they deem appropriate.  The TLTC will maintain on-demand help materials describing how faculty can manually add members to their Moodle courses.  If the instructor of record requests that the TLTC assist them in adding members to their Moodle courses, the TLTC will do so.
  • The TLTC will maintain and populate a Service Desk role in Moodle that will allow librarians, CTS staff, Office of Disability Resources staff, and others to assist students with their Moodle courses.
  • If directed to by Chairs, Directors, the Deans, or the Provost, the TLTC will provide access to current or past Moodle course shells.
  • Other requests for access received by the TLTC will be referred to the instructor of record on the Moodle course shell, or if not available to the appropriate Chair/Director.