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How do I add other users, like a learning assistant, to my Brightspace course?

To add a Learning Assistant, Non-Editing Instructor, Co-Instructor, Course Librarian, or Grader to your Brightspace course:

  • from your course Navbar, click on Course Management > Roster
  • click on the chevron next to the “Add Participants” button > select “Add existing users
  • under the “Add Existing Users” heading, search for your learning assistant / course librarian / non-editing instructor by last name and click on the magnifying glass icon to run the search
  • scroll down to the search results and check the box associated with your learning assistant , course librarian, or non-editing instructor; to the right, choose from the following available roles:
    • PUR - Learning Assistant (Non-Cascading)
    • PUR - Non-Editing Instructor (Non-Cascading)
    • PUR - Grader (Non-Cascading)
    • PUR - Course Librarian (Non-Cascading)
    • PUR - Instructor (Non-Cascading)
  • click on the “Enroll selected users” button to add the selected individual at the Learning Assistant (or Course Librarian, Non-Editing Instructor, or Grader) role to your Brightspace course

Learning Assistants can upload files, manage course calendar, set up student groups, send out course announcements, manage course attendance, add assignments, and create question banks and quizzes. LAs cannot grade assignments or view the gradebook.

Graders can do all of the tasks that Learning Assistants can do as well as grade assignments and access the Grade Book.

Note that users in the Learning Assistant & Grader roles can:

  • access “inactive” courses
  • access past courses
  • access future courses

If your learning assistant does not show up using these steps, please ask them to review their “Account Check” widget to make sure that Purchase is set as their primary campus affiliation. If Purchase is not their primary campus affiliation, they will need to request that information be updated by creating a ticket with the SUNY Online Help Desk.

If they still do not show up, please create a work order with the CTS Helpdesk or the SUNY Online Help Desk.

Please note that the TLTC cannot address Brightspace user account issues.

Link to this FAQ: How do I add a learning assistant to my Brightspace course?