Cinego D-1000 Combination Projector and DVD Player Specifications

Cinego D 1000.jpg


MSRP (USD) : $999
Brightness (Lumens) : 900 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 1500:1
Variable Iris: No
Audible Noise: 40.0 dB
Eco-Mode: 34.0 dB
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 4.0 x 11.8 x 10.2
Std. Lens: Focus:
Zoom: Manual, 1.16:1
Throw Dist (feet) :  3.3 - 10.0
Image Size (inches) : 22.0 - 70.0
Optional Lenses: No
Digital Zoom: No
Digital Keystone: Vertical
Lens Shift: No
Warranty: 2 Years
H-Sync Range:      **
V-Sync Range:      **

HDTV: 720p, 1080i 
EDTV/480p: Yes
SDTV/480i:      **
Component Video: Yes
Video: Yes
Digital Input:      **
Computers: Yes
Display: Type:
 DLP (1)
Color Wheel Segs: 6
Color Wheel Speed:      **
Native: 854x480 Pixels
Maximum:      **
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (WVGA)
Lamp: Type:
 200W     **
Life: 2000 hours
Eco-Mode Life: 3000 hours
Quantity: 1
Speakers: 5.0W+ 5.0W
Max Power: 350W
Voltage: 100V - 240V
FCC Class: B
Special: DVD Player
Status: Out of Production
First Ship: Apr 2005
Last Ship: Dec 2006 

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