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Are you Planning an Event this Semester?

Are you planning an event this semester?

Make sure you review Event Planning Guidelines.

Besides choosing an accessible room or venue, additional considerations can be found for In-Person Events on the Event Accessibility subsite.

*** Book your room / venue first!

Advertising Your Event:
• Use the required statement in all of your event advertisements, including broadcast emails, invitations, and posters.
Individuals requiring accommodations for equal access to this event are encouraged to contact [event organizer’s e-mail address] as soon as possible so that a good faith effort can be made by the organizers to meet the identified needs.
• Avoid text in images. Review the Guide to Creating Accessible Graphics.
Virtual Events:
• All virtual events that are open to the public (beyond Purchase College employees and students) must at the least be artificial-intelligence, AI, captioned during the event. You may also assign a person to type live captions in lieu of AI captioning.
• If your event is for the Purchase College Community, it is open to the campus.
• It is strongly recommended that you turn on AI captioning in Zoom or Teams at the start of all virtual events.
Please contact the CTS Help Desk with ample lead time if you need assistance.

*** If your event receives an accommodation request for Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) or American Sign Language (ASL), you must provide these services. The unit hosting or sponsoring the event must cover the cost of these live services. ***

Other Considerations:
• All materials distributed electronically must be accessible.
• All videos must be captioned. Please review your captions for accuracy.
Communications & Creative Services can assist you with arranging for captioning. Please note that your department is responsible for all captioning costs.
• Send slides, readings, charts, and graphs in advance to those who may have trouble viewing during the event.
• Designate a person onsite whose primary role is to further assist those who have requested accommodations as well as those who may need assistance.

As a College, we make every effort to provide equal access to events. We comply with all laws and regulations. However, more importantly, we embrace a diverse and equitable environment.

Please be sure to complete your required Annual Accessibility training.

If you have any questions, please contact the Accessibility Committee during the early planning stage of your event.

All the best for an enjoyable semester!


The Accessibility Committee