• Administration (front door)
• Alumni Village (parking lot)
• Alumni Village (main entrance between buildings 1 & 2)
• Alumni Village (between buildings 7& 8)
• Alumni Village (near building 12)
• Alumni Village (walkway to phase 1 apts.)
• Apartments I - Old (vicinity of laundry rooms)
• Apartments II - New (vicinity of laundry rooms)
• Athletic Fields by Lincoln Avenue
• Campus Center North (front/arcade)
• Campus Center North (rear door/parking lot)
• Campus Center South (front/arcade)
• Children’s Center (front entrance)
• Dance (underpass between Streets B & C at entrance door)
• Dining Hall (front door)
• Dormitory/East parking lot (below stairs and turn around)
• Fort Awesome (Building X front & rear)
• Fort Awesome (Building X east and west side)
• Fort Awesome (Building WYX foot path)
• Fort Awesome (Building W parking lot & Building Y Parking lot)
• Gymnasium (front and back)
• Hiking Trail by Facilities Management
• Hiking Trail by front entrance & Alumni Village
• Humanities (middle door/Lincoln Ave.)
• Humanities (rear door/Street D)
• Library/Bookstore (Bookstore entrance door - south)
• Music (front/between arcade and entrance doors)
• Music (rear/northwest corner/walkway to parking lot)
• Natural Science (front/near entrance door)
• Natural Science (rear door/Street A)
• Parking Lot on Lincoln Avenue
• Performing Arts Center (drop off road/service tunnel doors)
• Social Science (rear door/Lincoln Avenue)
• Tennis Courts
• Visual Arts (breezeway)
• Visual Arts (front/arcade)

·               For your personal safety, please familiarize yourself with the entire campus, including the locations of the emergency phones.



Courtesy phones are located throughout the campus.  Students can use these phones to call on-campus extensions and to make off-campus calls with an authorization code. 

 Apartment G Laundry Room
 Apartment H Laundry Room
 Campus Center North .Main Lobby
 Campus Center South First Floor Main Lobby
 Dance Building 1st Floor
 Dorm Area Basement, Laundry Room
 Outback Main Entrance
  Basement, Opposite to Elevator
 Fort Awesome Main Entrance
 Humanities Building 1st Floor Lobby
 Music Building 1st Floor, Lounge Area & 3rd Floor, Lounge Area
 Natural Science Building 2nd Floor, Lounge
 Performing Arts Center  Lower Lobby
 Social Science Building 1st Floor, Lobby & 2nd Floor, Back Corridor
  Student Service Building 1st Floor, Lobby
 Visual Arts Building 1st Floor, Next to Service Elevator & 2nd Floor, Next to Service Elevator

Current CTS Hours

February 1st through May 10th:
Mon-Thur 8am-7:45pm, Fri 8am-4:45pm

When classes are not in session:
Mon-Fri 8am-4:45pm


Room SS0025
(basement of Social Sciences Bldg)
Tel (914) 251-6465

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