With over 70 vehicles ranging from cars, vans, trucks, and snow plows, the environmental impact of modernizing is significant. The College is retiring from its fleet the older, less reliable vehicles and has already replaced two with hybrids, and eight with electric.  We will continue on this path as older vehicles age out from the fleet. To support these types of vehicles, the College has installed six electric vehicle charging stations, two of which are available to the public. These electric vehicle charging stations can fully charge a vehicle in about three hours.

With Purchase College being located in a central area of the Hudson Valley, there are many commuters within its staff, faculty and students. A large part of our carbon footprint are attributed to our transportation and Purchase provides resources to promote carpooling and public transit. There are public shuttle buses to major cities in the area such as White Plains, Armonk and Port Chester with a small fee as well as buses to various areas of campus. There is also a 511NY Rideshare program that allows commuters to connect with local commuters in their home area to car-share and reduce the inefficiency of single drivers. Another great program provided to our campus for an annual or monthly fee is ZipCar. This car-share program allows anyone to “rent” a car for a trip when there is not access to a personal car. Lastly with the college being located close to the Westchester County Airport, there is Park2Fly which is a parking and transportation system to the airport.