This is the site of what was an active farm owned by Revolutionary War General Thomas Thomas, who family burial ground is located on the campus property. 

Geologically, the area is one of glacial action, exhibiting features such as drumlins, drumlinoid ridges, till plains, and the like. Soils in the area include Paxton, Ridgebury and Woodbridge loams. These are all glacial-derived soils, most in the B or C hydrologic group indicating fair to poorly draining soils. The average annual rainfall is 44 to 48 inches with prevailing winds from the west-southwest. 

There is approximately 80 acres of wetland on campus. The college recently a statewide grant to improve its green infrastructure on campus. The project which is in the design phase intends to install porous pavement and bioswales to lessen the impact of storm water entering the Blind Brook waterway and ultimately Long Island Sound.