Main Campus Plaza

Purchase College operates 48 buildings on over 500 acres of property. The college recognizes the importance of conserving energy while maintaining reliability and safety to the campus community. The Facilities Management Department consisting of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, structural and grounds personnel works closely with the Energy Manager to find ways to improve the efficiency of the campus. This is done through many energy use assessments to find ways to promote energy conservation, increase implementation of green technologies, retrofits and updates, and explore renewable energy options. All of these actions help the college meets its underlying goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and produce significant cost savings.

Through the issuance of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 88 in 2012, the college achieved its energy use intensity 20% goal a year early through efficiency upgrades, energy conservation awareness and preventative maintenance. We are striving to maintain this reduction with the addition of new buildings, renovations and increasing campus population. This success is due to our operational management as well as the responsible energy use by our campus community.