Executive Order 4: Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability Program

In 2008, Governor David A. Patterson signed Executive Order 4 (EO4) to establish green procurement and sustainability programs across state agencies. The goals of EO4 include the conservation, improvement and protection of natural resources, the promotion of effective methods to reduce energy and resource consumption and the procurement of commodities, services and technology that minimize the environmental and health impacts.

Read more about green purchasing on the New York State website.

Executive Order 18: Restricting the Use of Bottled Water at State Facilities

Governor David A. Paterson signed Executive Order 18 (EO18) in 2009 that prohibits the use of New York State funds in the purchasing of bottled water for use in State facilities. EO18 recognizes the harmful environmental footprint of single-use plastic water bottles and the role of the state to encourage the use of New York’s high quality public water supply.

Read more about restricted purchasing of plastic water bottles on the Office of General Services website

Executive Order 88: Improving Energy Efficiency in State Buildings

In 2012, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued Executive Order 88 (EO88) to increase energy efficiency and decrease NYS carbon emissions through policy implementation, energy management programs, audits and metering. EO88 mandates a 20% improvement in the energy performance of state government buildings by April 2020, using the state fiscal year 2010-11 as a baseline. 

Read more about energy efficiency policies on the New York State website

Executive Order 134: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Cleaning

In 2005, Governor George E. Pataki signed Executive Order 134 (EO134) that mandates that state agencies must purchase environmentally preferred cleaning products. Our Facilities Management department procures and uses cleaning products that minimize potential impacts to human health and the environment. The department is working on increasing the procurement of cleaning products, including, glass cleaners, general purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and floor strippers to be exclusively Green Seal Certified.

More details on green cleaning policies can be found on the Office of General Services website