Bicycle pumps are available at Zagster stations and at the More Store.Bicycle pumps are available at Zagster stations and at the More Store.

From casual rider to professional cyclist, we’ve got a few resources for you to check out when it comes to biking on campus! Please make sure that when you do ride on, or around, campus that you’re equipped with appropriate safety attire such as a helmet, bicycle lights, reflectors, and bright or reflective clothing. 

Bicycle Registration

How Much Does it Cost?
There is no cost to register your bike on campus. That’s right, it’s FREE!

How long does my registration last?
Your bicycle registration decal is valid for the duration of your stay at the college. If the decal becomes ruined or scratched to where the registration number can no longer be read, a new bicycle registration decal will be required. 

Where do I register?
You can register your bike in the Office of Parking and Transportation in Campus Center North. Just make sure to know your bike model 

What do I need to register my bike?
We’ll need to know the following:

  • Primary Color(s)
  • Make and Model
  • Serial Number

The most common place to find a bike’s serial number is on the bottom bracket, underneath where the two pedals meet. If the serial number isn’t located there, it may be on the head tube (at the front of the bike above the front tire and below the handle bar). If none is listed, we can still register your bike, although in the event that your bike is stolen, less information will be available to properly identify your bike. 

Once registered, we’ll give you a decal. Please place your decal on the top tube (crossbar - see image below). If no decal is present on a bike it will be tagged by the Office of Parking and Transportation at the end of each semester. Tagged bikes will be confiscated by the facilities department and relocated to a holding center before being donated.

Place bicycle registration decal on top tube (crossbar).Place bicycle registration decal on top tube (crossbar).











Using Bicycle Racks

Bikes are only permitted to be placed on the bike racks if they have a valid decal.

Bicycles attached via lock to signage or a lamp post, or blocking emergency exits, will be collected by the facilities department and immediately relocated to a holding center. The owner is responsible for damage incurred to the lock.

Please see Collected Bicycle Policy below for additional information.

Bicycle Rentals

We have a bike-sharing program available right here on campus, made possible through a partnership between the Purchase Student Government Association and the company Zagster. There are two bike stations on campus. Students can access these bikes through the Zagster mobile app to create an account, unlock, and ride! Sign up with your Purchase College email address for a free membership.

Find Stations and Learn More About Zagster

Abandoned Bicycle Policy

Bikes left on campus after the end of the spring semester will be considered abandoned. In addition to an email, one call will be placed if a phone number is on file. After that point, the decal will be removed and the bike will be collected by the facilities department. 

Please see Collected Bicycle Policy below for additional information.

Collected Bicycle Policy

Collected bicycles will be considered property of the college after one month of being unclaimed. No grievances will be paid to any owner coming forward past one month.

Campus Bicycle Repair 

Having troubles with your bicycle? You can stop by Broken Spokes located in the Stood. Broken Spokes is a club organized under the Purchase Student Government Association where you can get help and advice on fixing your bicycle. The shop has plenty of supplies to help you with any of issues that may arise with your bike. 

Winter Bicycle Storage

Toward the end of the fall semester, FreeNew will offer limited bike storage in their sheds. FreeNew is a club organized under the Purchase Student Government Association.

The Office of Community Engagement will offer limited bike storage on a first-come, first-served basis in the basement of the Outback residence hall at the end of the fall semester. This storage room will provide a designated drop-off time for you to leave your bike. Once dropped off, there will be a designated time in the spring to retrieve your bike. You will not be able to retrieve your bike until the pick-up date. 

Note: Only bikes registered appropriately on campus with a valid decal can use this service.  Bikes are not allowed to be stored in residence halls, rooms, suites, or apartments.

All residents using the Outback bicycle storage or Freenew storage sheds do so at their own risk and responsibility. The college, the Office of Community Standards, and their individual staff members are not held responsible for loss or damage, by theft or otherwise, of bicycles that are stored. While the room will be locked and will have limited access, the bikes will not be locked unless a personal lock is provided.