The Olde, also referred to as Phase 1, is one of three (3) apartment complexes on campus, housing approximately 400 students. The Olde offers two types of apartment configurations: Four (4) person quad apartments with two single bedrooms and a double bedroom, with full bath, living room/dining area and kitchen; and Six (6) person duplex apartments which have two single bedrooms, and two double bedrooms, two full baths, dining area and kitchen, with a separate living room upstairs.

The Olde is split up into three (3) streets, G-Street, H-Street, and J-Street.  Each street has several blocks of apartments, with four (4) quads or two (2) duplexes per block.  There are two laundry rooms, located on the corner of G-Street and J-Street, and the corner of H-Street and J-Street, shared by all occupants of the community.

Apartments in The Olde do not have air conditioning, elevators, nor sprinklers.  The complex was painted in the summer of 2018.  During Fall 2018, new benches, picnic tables and bike racks were installed.  Exterior painting, new flooring and furniture, as well as new electrical panels were installed in the summer of 2019.

Special Interest Housing: Winter PREP Housing will be offered in part of The Olde, as well as Cultural Immersion Housing.