Alumni Village is one of three apartment communities on campus for upperclass students. Each apartment offers four single bedrooms, a kitchen, one full bath, and a living room/dining area. They also include a stackable washer and dryer unit (please note that ADA units have a slightly different layout, which includes adjacent washer and dryer, not stackable).  

Apartments have air conditioners centrally located in the living room (not in individual bedrooms), which are controlled by external temperature readings.

Alumni Village is split up into thirteen buildings, with eight apartments per building: 1–4 on the ground level and 5–8 upstairs.  Building 10 has the Alumni Village Community Center (AVCC), which is a shared communal space utilized by students and staff for relaxing and programming; therefore, this building only has six  apartments. 

Please note that there are no elevators in the apartments.

Winter PREP housing options are available within Alumni Village.