Fall 2021/Spring 2022

Room Type Rate
Alumni Village Single $5,939
Olde Apartment Single $5,849
Olde/Commons Double $5,326
Outback Double $5,082
Outback Suite Double (No Kitchen) $5,082
Outback Suite Double (With Kitchen) $5,181
Fort Awesome Double $5,382
Fort Awesome Triple $4,725
Wayback Suite Double $5,477
Wayback Suite Single


Farside Suite Double, Regular Double


Farside Single


Charge Adjustments

Any meal plan or assignment change that occurs during the academic year is prorated on a weekly basis. If a change in your meal plan or assignment generates a credit or debit, that change will be reflected on your Student Account.

Students who request room/building changes should be aware of rate differences and meal plan requirements when making requests to avoid unexpected charges.