Please note that the housing rates are based on last year’s full semester rate.

Room Type

Spring Room Rates (1/29-5/20)

Prior Year 2019-20 Rate (Regular 15-Week Semester)

Outback Single $5,082 $5,082
Outback Suite Single-K $5,181 $5,181
Fort Awesome Single $5,382 $5,382
Wayback Single $5,900 $5,900
Wayback Suite Single $5,750 $5,750
Alumni Village Single $5,939 $5,939

Apartment Single

(Includes Olde & Commons)

$5,849 $5,849

Due to the College’s efforts to prevent spread of the COVID 19 virus, all students are assigned to single rooms. In spaces that have multiple bedrooms (apartments and suites), there will only be one students assigned to each room. Students will also be required to sign an Addendum to the Residence License Agreement prior to living on campus. This Addendum outlines the safety protocols that are required to be followed when living on campus in order to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

Charge Adjustments

Any meal plan or assignment change that occurs during the academic year is prorated on a weekly basis. If a change in your meal plan or assignment generates a credit or debit, that change will be reflected on your Student Account.  

Students who request room/building changes should be aware of rate differences and meal plan requirements when making requests to avoid unexpected charges.