With its quaint and tranquil courtyard, the Commons, often referred to as The Neu or Phase 2, offers the most unique living experience on campus.  The apartment complex allows upper-class students to live side-by-side with both faculty and staff, housing approximately 300 students.  Student apartments are almost always 4-person (two doubles) and 6-person (3 doubles) apartments; there may be a select random one (1) bedroom apartment that may be used on occasion.  The apartments include a kitchen, 1.5-2 full bath and a living room/dining area. 

The Commons is split up into four (4) streets, K-Street, M-Street, P-Street and S-Street.  Each street has several blocks of apartments, and 4-6 apartments per block.  There are two laundry rooms, located on K-Street and P-Street, shared by all occupants of the community.

Apartments in the Commons do not have air conditioning, nor elevators.  K-street has fire sprinklers installed.  Additional sprinklers will be added to other streets over the next several summers, including P-street in the summer 2019.  Additionally, in summer 2019, the Commons should be receiving upgraded electrical boxes.

Athletic Housing is found on P-street of the Commons. Athletic housing is for any continuing students who participate in any of the recognized athletic teams on campus. The Office of Community Engagement works closely with Athletics to provide housing that meets the needs of all athletes. The Commons remains open during Thanksgiving break and spring break, and offers team members the opportunity to experience campus life together.