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Why is my Fall 2023 Brightspace course calculation incorrect?

You may notice that your Fall 2023 Brightspace course Grade Book looks strange and that many students are not seeing their grades reflected properly. This is because of previous Grade Book default settings.

Brightspace Grade Book Defaults for Fall 2023

The current default Brightspace Grade Book Settings for Fall 2023 courses are as follows:
  • Grading System = Points
  • Grade Calculation of Ungraded Items = Treat ungraded items as zeroes.
    This setting assigns a value of zero (0) as the points received for all ungraded items.
Faculty can change these defaults if they would like to use a Weighted grading system and/or not treat ungraded items as zeroes.
To make adjustments to your Grade Book on course-by-course basis:
  • navigate to the desired course > click on “Grades” in the course Navbar > click on “Setup Wizard” to review the existing Grade Book settings.
  • Click on the “Settings” gear icon on the right side of the page
  • Click on the “Calculation options” tab
  • Make your changes and click on the “Save” button

Brightspace Grade Book Defaults Going Forward

SUNY has decided to change these default settings on all newly-created courses going forward. Beginning with the Winter 2024 term, Brightspace Grade Book defaults will be:
  • Grading System = Weighted
  • Grade Calculation of Ungraded Items = Drop Ungraded Items (i.e. exclude ungraded items from the grade book calculation)
For more information about grading systems types in Brightspace, please see Weighted, points, and formula grading systems (Brightspace).
If you have questions or need assistance with any aspect of the Brightspace Grade Book, please contact the SUNY Online Help Desk.