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My class lists on MyHeliotrope and Moodle don’t match. What should I do?


If you notice inconsistencies between your class lists / registration in MyHeliotrope and your enrollments in Moodle, you will need to create a ticket using the CTS Helpdesk Work Order Tracking System (WOT) to request that data be synced between the two systems. Be sure to include the course’s CRN, Title, and Instructor in the Work Order details.

All Moodle course creation, faculty assignments, and student enrollments come from Banner/MyHeliotrope and are funneled directly into Moodle. Matriculated students who are officially registered for courses will automatically be enrolled into those courses on Moodle. TLTC staff and instructors no longer have the ability to manually add/remove officially registered students into/from Moodle courses.

If you are an instructor and have requested a data sync from CTS and notice that your course(s) still do not appear in Moodle, please contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm that your course is set up to generate a Moodle shell.


Moodle spaces automatically become available to students four (4) days prior to the course’s official start date. Instructors may choose to make them available before this time frame or close them at any time. If needed, login to MyHeliotrope to confirm your registration.

If you are missing courses, first, check with your instructor. The course may not yet be visible to students. The visibility of Moodle course spaces is up to your instructors. If you’ve contacted your instructor but still don’t see what you expect to see in Moodle, you must request that CTS sync your registration data with Moodle. Please note that the TLTC cannot remedy enrollment issues.

If you notice that all of your Moodle course enrollments disappear suddenly, you must contact the Registrar to determine what is causing the issue with your registration. Once the issue is resolved with the Registrar, your Moodle courses will reappear shortly thereafter, as will any work you have already submitted in the course. Please note that the TLTC can not remedy these issues.

Link to this FAQ.